Secure Product

Minimum Viable Secure Product

A simple set of controls for a Minimum Viable Secure Product. Open source for us all to use. Implement, ask in RFP, common baseline to follow


Telnet In Canada: Why?

Telnet. 40 years old, not fit for purpose. Alive and well in Canada. No amount of mitigation or multi-factor authentication makes it OK.

SCADA, Zero-Trust, Content-Security-Policy

A Florida water treatment plant breached. People nearly poisoned. A SCADA device exposed via Windows & Team Viewer. Not where we want to be. How did it happen, how do we prevent systematically? Read On!

Re-Using your Multi-Factor Authentication To Prove Humanity

Spam. The cat and mouse game of advertisers seeking to reach more people for less cost, and, people seeking to spend more to not be reached. The current state of the art in proving “I am not a spam-sending robot” is the captcha. Do you love the captcha? Me neither. Do you sometimes fail it? Me too!

Shadow IT Identity Sprawl

Identity Sprawl And Shadow IT

Empowered people make pragmatic decisions to improve productivity. This can create Shadow IT, and, Identity sprawl. Fix via Identity Aware WAF