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We believe enhanced security should be simple and economical for organizations of all sizes. Through the Agilicus AnyX platform, we are helping businesses increase security while delivering an invisible IT security experience to their users with a Zero Trust Network Architecture.

Adopt cloud-native security and let your authorized users get simple, secure access to applications, desktops, shares, and other corporate resources and services.


Our Purpose

Organisations shouldn’t be forced to choose between enabling their people, securing corporate and customer data, or reducing the cost of cyber security. At Agilicus our goal is to ensure modern, cloud-native security can be adopted quickly and effectively.

As a SaaS provider of Zero Trust Network Architecture, Agilicus enables secure access to any application, from any network, for any user on any device, without the need for a VPN or a client.

Our Investors

Agilicus is backed by investors who have a long history of success in the technology and cybersecurity space, including:

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Strong security should be simple and affordable. Organizations of all sizes can leverage the Agilicus AnyX platform to enable secure access for any user on any device without a VPN or a client.

Why Don’t Great Security and Cloud Overlap?

For years organizations have had to choose between a solid, but limited security posture with severe limitations on accessibility and scalability or pursue the benefits of the cloud with an acceptance that security would be reactive. 

Each approach has major shortcomings, be it the introduction of new risks, excessive resource consumption, or added complexity. This historic tug of war undermines the efficiency, speed, and effectiveness every organization needs to compete.

In 2018, we set our sights on understanding why cloud-native security wasn’t a reality. Bit-by-bit, we architected, built, and launched a platform that made it a reality without the need for VPNs, gateways, appliances, or clients.


Agilicus AnyX

Agilicus AnyX is an easy-to-deploy, all-in-one Zero Trust Network Access platform that allows organizations to improve security and equip employees with frictionless access, simply and economically. That means organizations can adopt cloud-native security while authorized users can get secure, frictionless access to applications, desktops, shares, and other corporate resources and services. A secure alternative to perimeter-based network access, Agilicus AnyX provides a clear view of who is doing what, when, and for how long with an easy-to-access web-based portal for managing policies, roles, and access privileges.


Identity Aware Web Application Firewall

Keep your web applications off the public internet without limiting access to employees and extended teams.


Securely Enable Shares

Extend secure access to data and file shares across your entire organization while eliminating an attacker’s ability to move laterally through your network.


Remote Desktop Access Through Zero Trust

Enact strict, least privilege access policies and set per-user authorizations across remote desktops and host machines, whether a server, virtual environment, physical desktop, or a SCADA system


Connect Applications with Hosted Databases

Securely connect applications with their respective databases and get resources online without exposing them to the public internet.


In order to be successful, organizations need a culture of creativity and innovation. This starts with the leadership team who must create an environment where employees can bring their whole selves to the work they do – both thoughtfully engaged as well as free from interference or distraction. 

We’re a collection of white hats, engineers, architects, developers, and security experts. Our team has deep experience starting, scaling, and operating world-class technical organizations and is now devoted to making the cloud secure.

Don Bowman

Don Bowman, Founder and CEO

Don is a 30-year industry veteran in complex networking and cloud computing. As the founder and CEO at Agilicus, Don combines his passion for cybersecurity with cloud-native technology to make remote access easier, more secure, and affordable. Agilicus ensures any user, on any device from anywhere in the world can access authorised resources without the need for a VPN. The team at Agilicus believes strong security should be simple and affordable for organizations of all sizes. Don is a former co-founder/CTO of Sandvine Incorporated which was acquired in 2017.

Nicolas St-Pierre, CTO

Nick leverages his 20+ years of experience in IT and cloud security to help organizations unlock the power of Zero Trust and modern cybersecurity technologies.



A world in which advanced security is cloud native and improves efficiency.


Using single identity, bring simple, secure access to any application, to any user, on any device, without a VPN.


We built our organization on a foundation of four key values:

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Equal Opportunity Based on Merit and Respect

When we nurture ability and drive, an amazingly strong, cohesive, diverse, capable, and productive team is the result.

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Continuous Collaboration

Our team is greater than the sum of its parts, and each member is a rising tide; through collaboration, we prevent silos and build better solutions.

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Do, Learn, Teach

We combine a lean approach of testing hypotheses and learning from the outcomes with the philosophy that the more everyone knows, the better.

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Adapt to Change

A data-driven, objective mindset ensures we make informed decisions that strengthen our offering, while agility and flexibility preserve our ability to act in that pursuit.

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