Our pricing philosophy is simple, open, transparent. No “call for enterprise pricing” as you grow. No de-contented plans missing key features. No ‘user + gateway + application + bandwidth’ complexity. You will be charged based on the ‘Active’ users you manage in the system. 1 large and growing list of features.

$11 USD/active user/month.

Pay monthly, cancel any time. You may see your usage metrics in the administrative web interface (https://admin.YOURDOMAIN).

Notable Included Features

  • TLS certificate management (create, update, monitor)
  • Share directories, files via WebDav, via browser, via desktop
  • Desktops via Remote Desktop Gateway
  • Web Applications
  • SSH first-class access
  • Full private TLS encryption with self-managed private key
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Network Connectors
  • Operation with no public IP
  • Site-to-site inter-connectivity
  • End-user discovery Progressive Web Application
  • Online administrative portal
  • Fully managed, no software to update ever
  • Federated Single-Sign-On via upstream identity providers (Google, Microsoft, Apple, Okta, …)
  • Authentication proxy (no need to deploy ADFS or Azure if using self-managed Active Directory)
  • SAML support
  • OpenID Connect support
  • Per source authentication policy (source IP, time, device posture, …)
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (Web Push, TOTP Code, WebAuthN)
  • Global connectivity
  • IPSEC VPN Connector
  • Agent Connector
  • Simple, Fast deployment
  • Integral Web Application Firewall
  • Identity-Aware Authenticating Remote Proxy
  • Fine-Grained Full audit (all user sessions, http transactions)
  • Fine-Grained authorisation (per HTTP path, method, parameters, body)
  • Full OpenAPI support for any integration
  • Published Python SDK
  • Published Typescript SDK
  • Dedicated chat and email support

(*) An Active user is any identity which has permission to sign-in. You may temporarily de-activate users, in which case they will move to Provisioned and not count towards you bill.

(**) Plus applicable local taxes


Feel free to use the ‘chat’ icon at the left. If I’m not here, email info@agilicus.com. Or, better, click the “LET’S TALK” icon, and select a time on my calendar. I would be very happy to explain how this works and help you see if it will create some value for you.