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Platform Pricing

Cybersecurity made simple and affordable.

Our Philosophy

We believe in a pricing philosophy that is simple, transparent, and offers nothing but the best for your business. Billed per user, per month with no contract, Agilicus scales according to your business needs. Simply pay for what you use and leverage the entire Agilicus platform to keep your business secure. 

We know that you want the best for your business, and we work hard to provide just that.


Free Trial

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**20 resources per organisation.

$11 Per User

Pay monthly, per user. Cancel any time.

**20 resources per organisation.

Have Questions?

Don’t see the right plan for your organisation or have questions? Get in touch with our team today!

FeaturesFree TrialSubscription
Federated Identity and Single Sign-On
Multi-Factor Authentication Across Resources
Role-Based Access Controls
Enable BYOD for Dispersed Workforce
End-to-End Encryption
Detailed Audit System
Usage Metrics
DDOS and Ransomware Protection
Identity Aware Web Application Firewall
Secure Remote Desktop Access
Secure Share Access
Securely Connect Applications and Databases
SSH Access
No End-User Clients
No Network Configuration
No Appliances

For a complete list of features and functionalities, visit our product guide or get in touch with the team to book a demonstration.

(*) An Active user is any identity which has permission to sign-in. You may temporarily de-activate users, in which case they will move to Provisioned and not count towards your bill.

(**) A resource is any application, share, desktop, hosted system, or IoT device that permissions will be applied to.

(***) Plus applicable local taxes.

Usage Metrics

Pay monthly, cancel any time. You may see your usage metrics in the administrative web interface (https://admin.YOURDOMAIN).


Feel free to use the ‘chat’ icon at the left. If I’m not here, email Or, better, click the “LET’S TALK” icon, and select a time on my calendar. I would be very happy to explain how this works and help you see if it will create some value for you.