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Windows Update Breaks VPN, Good Riddance #zerotrust

Dateline Redmond, April 2024. “VPN connections might fail after installing the April 2024 security update“. For some gentle readers this might be a combination of a rock and a hard place. Commercial VPN’s have recent critical known exploits. Embedded VPN is now breaking. Is there a better way?

Check out Agilicus’ recent webinar on VPN Alternatives. It turns out that while the VPN can be a great and powerful tool for the “I run IT, I need all access”, its not the best tool for “I have a narrow set of tasks to achieve” set. For this, a Zero Trust architecture, as epitomised by Agilicus AnyX, is simpler, and more secure, with a lower blast radius.

So, if you are struggling with service packs breaking, and subnets not routing, and split horizon DNS topics, come on over and chat.