Vendor Identity Management

Vendor access requires grappling with Identity and Authentication. Those users work for a multitude of different companies: not yours.

A common approach is to create shadow users locally, either per person, or per company. Agilicus AnyX provides a better way.

Agilicus AnyX allows unifying these identities. The end user sees single-sign-on with their company identity provider. The Agilicus AnyX administrator sees a seamless single identity pool to configure authorisation on.

Learn how unified authentication can simplify your vendor identity, and vendor access, problem.

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Vendor Identity Management

Enhanced Vendor Identity Integration

In the complex ecosystem of modern business operations, where administrators juggle the security and accessibility needs of multiple external vendors, Agilicus introduces a game-changing solution with its Unified Identity Feature. This advanced tool is engineered to centralise the management of external vendor identities, offering a seamless integration akin to Active Directory without the necessity of direct inclusion. It elevates security measures by extending Multi-Factor Authentication capabilities to systems and applications previously vulnerable to unauthorised access. With Agilicus, administrators can confidently provide vendors with single sign-on access using a variety of identity credentials, including social, enterprise, or local accounts, ensuring a secure, efficient, and controlled environment.

Understanding Agilicus AnyX Federated Identity

Agilicus AnyX Federated Identity revolutionises vendor access management by enabling businesses to securely and effortlessly integrate vendor identities, ensuring robust access control without becoming an identity provider. This feature supports secure access to applications and resources, accommodating the dynamic needs of both businesses and their external partners. Capable of seamlessly handling millions of users and billions of authentications, it guarantees both scalability and unparalleled security.

Federated Identity via Agilicus AnyX serves as an ideal complement to traditional Active Directory systems, offering a dedicated service tailored for businesses seeking to enhance their vendor management capabilities. It allows vendors to securely sign up and sign in to business applications with minimal friction, providing a seamless integration experience. This approach not only simplifies the management of vendor access but also enforces stringent security measures, including Multi-Factor Authentication, to safeguard against unauthorised access.

Agilicus empowers businesses with a federated identity service that stands as a cornerstone for secure vendor access management. By leveraging existing identities and integrating with a variety of identity providers, Agilicus ensures that vendor access is managed with the highest standards of security and efficiency, facilitating a controlled, secure, and efficient environment for all external vendor interactions.

Who Can Benefit?

Organisations grappling with the complexities of granting and managing access for an array of external vendors will find the Agilicus Federated Identity feature especially beneficial. This solution is tailored for IT administrators tasked with ensuring secure, efficient, and controlled vendor interactions within their environments. By simplifying the authentication and authorization processes for accessing resources and applications, Agilicus stands out as a crucial tool for both developers and IT administrators looking to streamline vendor management.

Custom-Branded Experience

Agilicus AnyX is a fully customisable authentication solution, allowing businesses to align the login experience with their brand identity. This ensures that every aspect of the user interaction, from signing up and logging in to updating profile information, is seamless and consistent with the business’ brand, fostering trust and a sense of familiarity among users.

Unified Vendor Access via Signle-Sign-On

By adhering to authentication standards such as OpenID Connect, and OAuth 2.0, Agilicus facilitates easy integration with a broad spectrum of modern applications and software solutions. This capability to act as the central authentication authority simplifies the creation of a unified single sign-on experience across all business applications, mobile platforms, and APIs, enhancing user convenience and security.

Effortless Central Management of Vendor Access

Agilicus AnyX sets a new standard for vendor access management through its out-of-the-box integration capabilities, designed to effortlessly connect with various external identities without any manual intervention. This automatic functionality for vendors ensures secure and immediate access to necessary applications and resources, entirely bypassing the need for client software installations. Such an approach is pivotal for administrators aiming to streamline vendor management processes efficiently.

Beyond seamless integrations, Agilicus AnyX excels in offering centralised management features, enabling administrators to oversee and control vendor access from a single, unified platform. This centralization is key to enhancing security protocols, applying uniform access policies, and monitoring vendor activities across the board. By consolidating management tasks, Agilicus AnyX facilitates a more organised, secure, and efficient vendor interaction framework, eliminating complexities and reducing the administrative burden.

With Agilicus AnyX, businesses can achieve unparalleled control and visibility over their vendor access landscape, ensuring that every vendor interaction is governed by strict security measures, including Multi-Factor Authentication, without the need for direct intervention by end users or IT staff. This automation and centralization of control underscore Agilicus AnyX’s role as a critical solution for modern organisations seeking to optimise their vendor access management with minimal effort and maximum security.

Access Request Workflow

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Agilicus streamlines the management of user access with its sophisticated onboarding and offboarding workflows, embedding security and efficiency into the heart of its operations. Through an automated process, new users are quickly brought into the system with initial access rights tailored to their specific roles, minimizing the information required at the start to reduce friction and enhance the onboarding experience. This initial access comes with predefined expiration dates, ensuring that access rights are regularly reviewed and renewed only when necessary. Notifications alert users and administrators about upcoming expirations, prompting action to renew or adjust access as required. The system’s inherent flexibility allows for access requests to be meticulously reviewed, approved, or denied, ensuring that every user has exactly the access they need, no more and no less.

On the flip side, Agilicus’ automated offboarding process ensures that access rights are promptly revoked when no longer needed or when a user’s association with the organisation ends. This automatic revocation is complemented by notifications and a streamlined process for extending access if the situation demands it, maintaining the principle of least privilege while accommodating the dynamic needs of the organisation. The entire lifecycle of user access, from initial provisioning to final revocation, is logged and audited, providing a transparent, compliant, and secure framework for managing external identities.

By integrating these automated workflows, Agilicus not only safeguards the organisation’s resources against unauthorised access but also significantly reduces the administrative burden associated with manually managing user lifecycles. This ensures a seamless, secure, and efficient experience for both users and administrators, underlining Agilicus’ commitment to enhancing cybersecurity posture while streamlining operational processes.

Ensuring Vendor Trust with Identity Verification

Agilicus not only simplifies but also secures the process of onboarding external vendors through its integration with third-party identity verification services. This capability ensures that before vendors are granted access, their identities are thoroughly validated, enhancing the security and integrity of the business environment. By automating identity proofing, Agilicus provides a seamless, secure bridge between external identities and internal resources, building trust and compliance without additional administrative overhead. This streamlined verification process is crucial for maintaining high security and operational standards, ensuring that only verified vendors can access sensitive systems and data.

Empowering Businesses with Federated Identity Management

The adoption of the Agilicus Federated Identity Feature signifies a strategic move towards a more secure, efficient, and manageable vendor access system. This solution not only fortifies the cybersecurity framework of businesses but also optimises the vendor management process. By enabling a seamless integration of external vendors into the business ecosystem, Agilicus ensures that vendor interactions are secure, controlled, and compliant with corporate policies and regulatory standards. The feature’s flexibility to support various identity credentials and its capability for deep integration with business applications position Agilicus as an indispensable tool for modern organisations aiming to navigate the complexities of vendor access management effectively.

Next Steps for Integration

For organisations looking to revolutionise their approach to vendor access management, embarking on the integration journey with Agilicus represents a forward-thinking decision. The next steps involve engaging with Agilicus to explore the Federated Identity feature’s full capabilities and to tailor the solution to meet the unique needs of the business. Agilicus offers comprehensive guidance and support to ensure a smooth integration process, from initial setup to ongoing management, empowering businesses to unlock the full potential of federated identity management. With Agilicus, businesses can confidently navigate the challenges of external vendor management, achieving a balance between security, efficiency, and operational excellence.

In conclusion, Agilicus AnyX Federated Identity offers a transformative solution for managing external vendor identities, providing businesses with a secure, scalable, and streamlined platform for vendor access management. By leveraging this powerful feature, organisations can enhance their cybersecurity posture, streamline operational workflows, and ensure a secure and efficient vendor interaction framework, aligning with the evolving security practices and business requirements of the digital age.

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