Simple, Secure Remote Access

Client-less Zero Trust Architecture

Secure remote access to shared resources for internal and third party users with Agilicus AnyX.

Empower your workforce and enhance security across your organisation – whether industrial environments or corporate networks.

✓ No New Hardware
✓ No Network Changes

✓ No Client
✓ No VPN

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Any User
Leverage existing credentials. No new usernames, or passwords.

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Precise Control
Easily define permissions across assets and user groups.

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Simple Access
Frictionless experience across the value chain of users, administrators, and operators.

Secure Remote Access through Agilicus

Agilicus AnyX is a modern cybersecurity and access platform that is perfect for IT and security administration, operational technology, and industrial networks. Standardise access and security across your ecosystem of resources and applications to eliminate unnecessary hardware and software, reduce costs, and simplify access for your users.

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Streamlined Access

Remove administrative barriers and equip your users, whether employee or non-employee, with least privilege remote access to shared resources in your corporate networks or industrial environments.

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Access Controls through a Zero Trust Architecture

Keep critical systems off the public internet and secure them with precise access controls and easy to implement security features (multi-factor authentication, privilege management, auditing).

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Centralised User Management and Administration 

Get a clear view of who is doing what, when, and for how long with Agilicus AnyX. Manage policies, roles, and access privileges for all of your users, systems, and resources through a single administrator portal.

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Seamless End User Experience

Users follow a frictionless login-flow using their existing credentials. Single sign-on delivers an intuitive and easy to use experience so that your employees and third party vendors can get the simple, secure access they need.

Case Study: Secure Remote Access for Vendors and Partners

Agilicus AnyX is being used today to enable secure remote access to operational technology and industrial control system resources across North America.


Just in Time Access for Remote Maintenance with Agilicus

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No matter where your users, systems, or facilities are located, Agilicus AnyX enables secure, VPN-less access to your critical assets with precise control over permissions. Equip your employees, vendors, and third party users with an intuitive experience that delivers just-in-time, minimum connectivity to shared resources whether from your corporate or industrial network. 

Agilicus AnyX ensures you can segment down to a device level making remote access convenient, safe, and secure.

Centralised User Management and Administration

Keep critical assets and infrastructure secure with a single administrator portal that centralises user management. Quickly add or revoke access and privileges with a users existing credential.

Easily integrate with native identity providers to extend secure access to internal and external users with Agilicus AnyX. That means no new user names, passwords or active directory licences. 


Permissions Management and Role-Based Access Controls


Minimise cyber risk with precise control over user permissions (read, write, admin). Built-in Role-Based Access Controls gives you the granular control you need to define access privileges and permissions across assets, geographies, and the various levels of users. 

Agilicus AnyX is client-less and doesn’t require additional hardware or network changes. Resources are secured with an outbound only connection that prevents un-authenticated users from gaining access.

Enhanced Audit Logging for Detailed Security Analysis

Conventional remote access tools lack the auditing capabilities necessary for monitoring remote user activity, especially in the event of an incident or breach. Agilicus AnyX delivers complete visibility of user and resource activity through detailed audit logs.

Equip your security team with the information they need to perform comprehensive analysis, including timestamps and a record of all get and post requests made from a given resource. Enhanced audit logging through Agilicus AnyX means organisations can confidently approach access, monitoring, and response.


Secure access to applications, desktops, shares, and other corporate resources and services.

Agilicus AnyX is an easy to deploy, all-in-one Zero Trust Network Access platform that allows organisations to improve security and equip employees with frictionless access, simply and economically. That means organisations can adopt cloud-native security while authorised users can securely connect to applications, desktops, shares, and other corporate resources and services.

A secure alternative to perimeter-based network access, get a clear view of who is doing what, when, and for how long ensuring your critical systems are accessible to only the right people without being visible on the public internet.