Simple, Secure Remote Access

Client-less Zero Trust Architecture

Secure remote access to shared resources for internal and third party users with Agilicus AnyX.

Empower your workforce and enhance security across your organisation – whether industrial environments or corporate networks.

✓ No New Hardware
✓ No Network Changes

✓ No Client
✓ No VPN

Any User
Leverage existing credentials. No new usernames, or passwords.

Precise Control
Easily define permissions across assets and user groups.

Simple Access
Frictionless experience across the value chain of users, administrators, and operators.

Secure Remote Access through Agilicus

Agilicus AnyX is a modern cybersecurity and access platform that is perfect for IT and security administration, operational technology, and industrial networks. Standardise access and security across your ecosystem of resources and applications to eliminate unnecessary hardware and software, reduce costs, and simplify access for your users.

Streamlined Access

Empower users, both internal and external, with secure remote access to shared resources within corporate networks and industrial settings, eliminating administrative hurdles while ensuring least privilege access.

Access Controls through a Zero Trust Architecture

Protect critical systems from public internet access by implementing robust access controls and security measures (multi-factor authentication, privilege management, and auditing).

Centralised User Management and Administration 

Gain comprehensive visibility into user activities, including their actions, timelines, and durations, with Agilicus AnyX. Centralize the management of policies, roles, and access privileges for all users, systems, and resources within a unified administrator portal.

Seamless End User Experience

Users experience a seamless login process with their existing credentials, simplified through single sign-on. This intuitive and user-friendly approach provides employees and third-party vendors with effortless, secure access.

Case Study: Secure Remote Access for Vendors and Partners

Agilicus AnyX seamlessly facilitates secure remote access to operational technology and industrial control systems across North America.

Just in Time Access for Remote Maintenance with Agilicus

Agilicus AnyX grants secure, VPN-free access to critical assets, empowering users regardless of location. Its granular permissions control ensures access is tailored to specific needs. Employees, vendors, and third parties alike enjoy an intuitive interface that minimizes connectivity requirements while providing timely access to shared resources, whether from corporate or industrial networks.

Agilicus AnyX enables device-level segmentation, ensuring secure and convenient remote access.

Centralised User Management and Administration

Secure critical assets and infrastructure via a centralized administrator portal, streamlining user management. Expeditiously grant or revoke access privileges utilizing users’ current credentials.

Effortlessly integrate with native identity providers to expand secure access for internal and external users via Agilicus AnyX. This eliminates the need for additional user accounts, passwords, or Active Directory licenses.

Permissions Management and Role-Based Access Controls

Mitigate cyber risks with granular control over user permissions (read, write, edit). Role-Based Access Controls enable precise definition of access privileges and permissions across assets, locations, and user hierarchies.

Agilicus AnyX is a clientless solution that eliminates the need for additional hardware or network modifications. Its robust security architecture leverages an outbound-only connection, effectively deterring unauthorized access.

Enhanced Audit Logging for Detailed Security Analysis

Conventional remote access tools lack auditing capabilities crucial for monitoring user activity, particularly during incidents or breaches. Agilicus AnyX provides comprehensive visibility of user and resource actions through granular audit logs.

Empower your security team with comprehensive audit logs, providing timestamps and records of all HTTP requests (GET and POST) made from a specified resource. This enhanced logging capability, enabled by Agilicus AnyX, empowers organizations to confidently manage access, track activity, and respond effectively to security incidents.

Secure access to applications, desktops, shares, and other corporate resources and services.

Agilicus AnyX is a user-friendly Zero Trust Network Access platform that empowers organizations to enhance security and seamlessly grant employees secure and affordable access. With AnyX, organizations can adopt cloud-native security, enabling authorized users to securely connect to corporate resources and services, including applications, desktops, and shares. As an alternative to perimeter-based network access, AnyX provides clear visibility into user activity, ensuring that critical systems are accessible only to authorized individuals while remaining concealed from unauthorized access.