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Simplify access to client applications. Reduce costs, complexity, number of vendors, and eliminate unnecessary hardware and software. Standardise security and access across your ecosystem of customers.

Partner with Agilicus

Zero Trust Access and Security Platform

Modern, Simple, Shareable

Provide simplified access for your support personnel and connect clients to their resources and applications securely with Agilicus AnyX. Deliver the tailored solution you and your clients need with the resilience that the modern cyber threat environment demands.


With Agilicus AnyX, you can deliver a network access and security strategy to your clients that is easy to implement while still having complete control and visibility over users, resources, permissions, and access. Eliminate the complexity and costs of an increasingly layered defence and network security stack with a Zero Trust Network Architecture that is cloud native and scales with you. 


Onboard Any User

Embrace unique sources of identity and federate it into a single form of authentication for all internal and external users.


Manage Permissions

Fine-grained authorisation and privilege management paired with detailed auditing across resources delivers granular capabilities for assigning permissions across user groups.


Simplify Access

Reduce costs and improve security while enabling a frictionless experience across the value chain of users, administrators, and operators.

Secure Access Capabilities

Fine-Tuned To Your Needs

From web applications and remote desktops, to shares, thick clients, and databases, Agilicus AnyX enables simple, secure access for any user, on any device without the need for a VPN or client.

Authenticate users outside your domain

Centralise authorisation and identity management

Full auditing for detailed security analysis

Enable access through any device and byod

Enhance security, streamline access

No VPN, no hardware, no clients


We take care of the ‘hard’ part of adopting cloud-native security so that our partners can focus on the success of their customers. Learn more about becoming an Agilicus partner, fill out the form or email us at

Securely connect your clients in minutes not hours with a deployable model for adopting a Zero Trust security framework that collectively hardens cyber posture while streamlining access for everyone. We are dedicated to partner success and that means our cloud security experts and technical support team can help you get the most out of the Agilicus AnyX platform.