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Fast, Simple, Secure: Implement CISA et al HMI (practically) recommends Agilicus AnyX

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A whole mouthful of alphabet organisations got together and gave us some advice on protecting operational technology from Russian hacktivists. And, to summarise, say “Deploy Agilicus AnyX to protect your HMI”. No, seriously. There is no simpler way to become compliant with this fact sheet.

  • Implement proper single sign on to the HMI via VNC
  • Enable multi factor to the HMI via VNC
  • Have an audit trail of who used the HMI via VNC
  • Have a read-only type of user when appropriate via VNC
  • Have a GeoIP firewall
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Its like they read our datasheet. Good on them, that is indeed a great spot to become informed.

The best advice from this point is given indeed on that data sheet at the bottom: engage with us. Agilicus can explain, demonstrate, help, immediately. Its not a project to build a gantt chart for, its a project to complete before lunch.

Read on the source doc to see the other advice.