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A VPN Alternative Improves Cyber Resilience with a Zero Trust Architecture

The VPN represents a significant attack vector that is leaving organisations open to ransomware attacks and data breaches. Improve cyber resilience with an alternative to legacy VPN solutions with Agilicus’ advanced, cloud-native cybersecurity platform.


VPN Network Access is No Longer Viable for the Modern Cyber Threat Environment

Business is being done over the internet with the Virtual Private Network (VPN) serving as the digital backbone for most organisations and businesses. This perimeter-based approach to cybersecurity has a multitude of attack vectors and conventional VPN security practices are no longer a match for modern cyber threats. 

Unauthorised network access by hackers and malicious actors is leaving many organisations, their employees, and customers victim to data breaches and ransomware attacks.


Why It’s Time for a VPN Alternative


High Fixed Costs

Cost isn’t just a matter of user licenses and hardware. The more secure a VPN is, the greater the sacrifice in convenience and productivity, which translates into high fixed costs of operation.


Network-Wide Risk Exposure

A corporate VPN is an all-in solution that once breached exposes the entire network to lateral-traversal leaving users, applications, and customer and corporate data vulnerable.


VPN’s Trust Users by Default

Once a user gains access to the VPN, they are trusted by default, even if access was gained via compromised credentials. There is no real distinction between assailants and legitimate users.

The VPN was invented over a quarter-century ago. While the technology has seen drastic improvements, your VPN could be the attack vector that leaves your organization open to exploit by a malicious actor. It may be time to adopt a modern security solution that shifts access from the perimeter and binds it to the user.

A VPN Alternative Helps You Stop Juggling Costs, Security, and Convenience

IT teams are in a constant battle of conflicting demands to reduce costs, add new services, maintain convenient access, and secure the organization against evolving threats.

It’s time to take your cyber posture up a notch and eliminate your VPN attack vector by replacing it with Agilicus’ modern, Zero Trust cybersecurity platform.

Cybersecurity Beyond the Perimeter and Bound to the User.

A Zero Trust security framework requires every internal or external user to authenticate their identity and validate authorizations in order to gain access to designated network resources. With Zero Trust, there is no traditional network edge, meaning networks can exist in the cloud, locally, or in a hybrid form.

With Agilicus, organizations can quickly implement Zero Trust without the need for a client, hardware, or network configuration. That also means employees can access their work from any device, anywhere in the world. 


Agilicus Zero Trust Security Platform Features


Ease of Implementation

Quickly deploy a modern cybersecurity platform that doesn’t require end-user clients or network changes. Improve your cyber posture with each layer of access encrypted to keep sensitive information, data, and resources safe.


Federated Identity Module

Integrate easily with identity providers or social login and enable single sign-on and multi-factor authentication for any resource.


Role-Based Access Controls

Centralize the management of users and their roles, leveraging fine-grained authorization to map users with applications and provide least privilege access.


Zero Trust Security

Meet the standard with end-to-end encryption and an Authorization, Authentication, Access model.


Audit System

Improved Risk and Security Analysis with per user, per application auditing capability. Get visibility with accurate information on who accessed what, when, and for how long.


Identity Aware Application Firewall

Secure web applications with an Identity Aware WAF that protects against DDOS and ransomware attacks.

How Agilicus AnyX Works

Change the Way Your Corporate Resources Are Secured with an Alternative to VPNs.

Request a Demo and Learn how an Alternative to Your Legacy VPN can Enhance Network Security with Identity-Based Access

Agilicus helps organizations manage the risks and operational costs of providing employees and extended teams with secure access to the services and applications they need without a VPN. Get in touch with our team today to request a demo.

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