Agilicus Philosophy

The Backstory



Our background. The origin story. Updates on how team Agilicus view the world.

Small batch sizes. Continuous integration.

Focus on organisational learning.

Bringing advanced technology to make security simple and accessible.


CISA EPA Water Cyber Security Scan

CISA Cyber Scan Water

CISA has announced a free (as in beer) service to scan water systems for vulnerabilities. Agilicus has used this scan for a year, receiving weekly reports.

Terminator Becomes National Standard

I’ll be back. Iconic line foreshadows rise of cyber-physical-systems. Terminator trifecta of physical machines, artificial intelligence, cyber-security awry.

NIST sp 800-63A: Introduce Yourself

Who are you? Identity involves knowing who you are, and then later proving it. NIST sp 800-63A enrollment is the first step, let’s talk about that!
VNC Desktop

Bring Your Own Device in Agilicus AnyX

We’ll help you understand the benefits of BYOD and the robust, secure support Agilicus AnyX offers so you are equipped with everything you need to allow it.

Auto-Creating Users in Agilicus AnyX

Agilicus AnyX allows for auto-creating users that simplifies the process and enhances efficiency. We’ll help you understand the benefits & use cases.

Diagnosing User Issues with Audits

We’ll help you explore the importance of audits in diagnosing user issues and how using them in Agilicus AnyX empowers admins to resolve problems efficiently.