Zero-Trust Secure Connectivity for Critical Infrastructure and Industrial Control Systems

Agilicus enables any user, on any device, secure connectivity to any resource they need—without a client or VPN. Whether that resource is a web application, a programmable logic control, or a building management system, Agilicus can secure it with multi-factor authentication while keeping the user experience simple with single sign-on.


Simple, Secure Connectivity for Extended Teams

Single sign-on for any user—first party, third party, joint venture, contractor, or vendor. Enforce multi-factor authentication everywhere.

Fine-grained access control and audit on a per-resource basis. No broad-access VPN risks. No end-user software to install.

The effectiveness of an air gap with the simplicity of the Internet. No inbound IP or connectivity needed.

Any resource: PLC, Building Management System, Database, Share, Desktop. No integration required.


Federate Identity across your workforce, enable single sign-on, and use Zero Trust to authorize, authenticate, and enable access.


Simplify onboarding without having to modify your active directory, add licenses, or issue corporate devices.


Pair users with the resources they need using centralized user and role management.


Easily enforce multi-factor authentication policies and enable or disable access privileges.

Legacy Network Solutions Are Holding You Back

People are working and connecting from anywhere. That means traditional and legacy perimeter-based approaches to secure access and network security just don’t cut it anymore. Here’s why:

High Fixed Costs

VPNs have a lot of overhead and require significant time and resources to maintain, secure, and manage placing undue burden on your IT teams.

They Put Your Organisation at Risk

Hackers target VPNs and public gateways. They expose your organisation to risks like lateral network traversal and ransomware.

Antiquated Technology

VPN technology is over 25 years old and no longer serves your business. Security measures are front and center, hindering employee experience.

Agilicus Can Help

Agilicus introduces a cloud-native Zero Trust Network Access platform that removes the complexity of extending secure access to employees and non-employees. With federated identity and single sign-on, you can maintain your native active directory and identity providers allowing users to easily self-onboard.

Spanning the gamut from simple web applications to complex critical-infrastructure industrial control system components like an HMI, a PLC, SCADA, a Building Management System BMS, we handle it all.

No End-User Clients


No Gateways or Appliances

No New User ID’s or Passwords

Enable simple, secure access company-wide quickly, and economically while ensuring users have a friction-free experience.

Zero Trust at Your Own Pace – Integrate with Your Native Identity Provider

The Agilicus platform provides a simple means of federating any identity provider, public or private. Enable single sign-on and use your Azure Active Directory in unison with a partner company or integrate with your native identity provider (Google, Apple, Okta, Microsoft). This provides the most natural sign-in experience for the end-users where security can be enriched with multi-factor authentication – all without the need for new passwords or user ids.

With Agilicus you can quickly and easily segment users and manage their privileges to web applications, remote desktops, shares, applications, and databases whether they are on-premise, working remotely, or external to your organisation.

Enable simple, secure access for any user, on any device, anywhere in the world – in just a few clicks.

Cybersecurity As a Strategic Enabler

Make IT security invisible to your employees with Agilicus so your users can focus on getting the job done. Enable simple, secure remote access for any user, from any device, anywhere in the world.

Re-imagine the airgap. Operational Technology components as first class citizens in a single-sign-on world with multifactor. Vendors act as peer to staff without shared passwords. Improve efficiency: access that HMI from anywhere, on any device, without VPN or pre-installed software.

Identity Aware Web Application Firewall

Keep your web applications off the public internet without limiting access to employees and extended teams. With an Identity Aware Web Application Firewall, access to web application resources such as intranet, training, payroll, administrative services, and SCADA systems can be made accessible to your workforce without the risk of unauthorized access. 

Protect your online resources top-down and extend identity throughout the system with Agilicus so that employees, vendors, contractors, and suppliers can get their job done without sacrificing security.


Securely Enable Shares

Extend secure access to data and file shares across your entire organisation while protecting your most valuable asset: corporate information.

Share access can be segmented on a per user basis ensuring only the right person has access to the right files and drive shares when they need them. 

Granular auditing capabilities give you complete visibility into who is accessing what, when, and for how long.

Leverage the benefits of working in the cloud to digitally enable your modern workforce while eliminating an attacker’s ability to move laterally through your network.


Remote Desktop Access Through Zero Trust

Agilicus enables remote desktop access through Zero Trust, significantly reducing the attack vectors that would otherwise leave your corporate resources exposed. Quickly and easily enact strict, least privilege access policies and set per-user authorizations across remote desktops and host machines.

Whether it’s a server, virtual environment, or physical desktop device hosting a legacy application, or a SCADA system, ensure your organisation has the granular security control and visibility needed to protect remote resources and the networks they connect to.

Securely Connect Applications and Databases

There are numerous applications and desktop software that must connect to a database, which is usually done through a VPN. This method tends to introduce numerous problems and risks spanning from disruption of workday activities like video conferencing, all the way to malicious actors gaining unauthorized access.

Using Zero Trust Network Access, you can securely connect applications and resources with their respective databases and enable least privilege access to authorized users. That means your organisation can get resources online without exposing them to the public internet, making them available to any user on any device without the hassle of a VPN.



Securely Embrace the Future of Work.

It’s a work from anywhere world and your employees are remote and mobile. Give them the convenient secure access they need.

Streamline IT Security Across Business Lines

Manage Cyber Risk – Make the switch with an easy path to migration and avoid the cost of becoming the next data breach news headline.

Rein in Spend – Reduce the fixed costs of licensing, bandwidth, administration, and IT support. Minimize CAPEX for appliances and maintenance and achieve scalability in IT security.

Rapid Deployment – Respond to changing business conditions and scale access according to demand.

Orient for Growth – Replace the traditional network edge with identity-based access for mobile and remote workforces. Your teams want to work from anywhere. With Agilicus, they can.


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IT teams can easily deploy least privilege access organisation-wide without the need for a VPN, infrastructure changes, configuration, or a client. Agilicus helps your organisation adopt Zero Trust Network Access quickly and affordably.

Digitally enable your entire workforce while keeping critical IT systems, sensitive customer data, and your employees secure.

Learn how you can remotely use that Allen-Bradley, that Schneider PLC, that Niagara BMS.