Merge your team via Active Directory with contractors via Social login. Secure, simple, universal login. No passwords to breach. 2-factor authentication simple enough for everyone to use.
Users sign in with the natural identity method (the who), you handle the authorisation (the what).


Implement a simple Zero Trust network. Strong identity, strong encryption. No VPN is needed to access your applications anywhere. From any Internet. Mobile? Internet Cafe? Restrictive WiFi? It all just works.


Your users all have mobile devices, with them all the time. Simple web-based applications are device universal. With no local application, no VPN, no complex sign-in, the applications become truly universal in access. No need for kiosks or lining up at end of shift. Data on demand, live.

Agilicus Zero Trust Network Access Platform diagram. Demonstrate flow through openid connect/saml login, identity-aware web application firewall, workload identity firewall.
Agilicus Secure Cloud

Zero Trust Network Access. The principle of strongly identifying the user, applying access control on a per user-resource pair basis. Agilicus patent-pending zero trust network architecture provides for fine-grained access control using an identity-aware web-application firewall. This acts on individual HTTP methods, providing role-based access control instead of merely on/off allow/deny.

The Agilicus platform provides a simple means of federating any Identity provider, public or private. Use your Azure Active Directory in unison with a partner company in unison with a Sign-In with Google or Apple. This provides the most natural sign-in experience for the end user. Simple, secure. Enrich with with multi-factor authentication.

Have an internal application like a Wiki or an Intranet? Need to make it available to loosely-connected remote workers? Finding the VPN solutions you were recommended are intractable? Users want BYOD on any network and location, we can help. Agilicus Zero Trust Network Access is the answer.

Have a directory of internal files you wish to share? Perhaps its your Quickbooks database, or the days orders. Our unique zero trust network share allows live remote access to any files, without a client, without a vpn, to any user in the world on any device.

Zero Trust Network Access reduces the effort and work in launching a new application, handling the hosting and capacity as well as the heavy-lifting of making something run securely, simply, and reliably at scale.


Live share internal files without a VPN. To any person. Without a client.
Share your Quickbooks database with your Accountant.
Access your customer files.


HR Policies on the intranet? Access them anywhere, without a VPN, without a client. Access to any user, regardless of employment status or Active Directory Account.


No more video conferencing problems due to VPN routing.
Zero Trust Network Access means direct access to each protected resource without changing the path for public services.

Try Zero Trust Network Access out for yourself

Would you like to discuss how Zero Trust Network Access can fix your VPN / video-conferencing issues, make your local shares available to anyone, or make your internal web applications available without a VPN? Feel free to select a convenient time on my calendar, email me, or… just give it a try, risk free.