Agilicus AnyX Frequently Asked Questions

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Agilicus AnyX joins together (federates) a set of Identity Providers (IdP). As an end user, you will see this as e.g. ‘Sign In With Google’ or ‘Sign In With Microsoft’. The AnyX platform in turn presents these federated IdP as a new IdP. The Upstream Identity Provider is it original one that the user interacts with (e.g. Microsoft, Google, Active Directory Federation Services, etc).
You may use Time-Based One-Time Codes (TOTP) (e.g. Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Authy, etc), or, any of the standards from the WebAuthn standard set (e.g. USB-based like YubiKey, Passkeys, TPM-based, biometric, etc).
The Agilicus Connector needs to be able to reach any service it is used to expose. For a share, this means running on a machine with access to the files. For a Desktop, it means being able to reach via TCP (port 3389 or port 5900 for RDP or VNC typically) the destination system. This might mean running on the same system, this might mean running on a device on the same network segment or inside the same firewall.

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