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Sign In Theming

Theming Configuration

You can theme the authentication (sign-in) screen your users see. First, download the ‘default’ (see image below). Open the file into a directory. In here you will see a set of HTML (which cannot be changed but allows you to preview the various screens), and a theme directory (which you can change).

In the theme directory there are 4 files:

  • favicon.png
  • logo.png
  • my-login.svg
  • styles.css

You may add additional files (fonts, images, css) as desired to this directory. Test your changes by loading the ‘index.html’ file in the parent directory in your browser.

When you have made the changes you wish, create an archive of the entire set (including the sample files, e.g. use the same directory structure as you downloaded), and drop the zip-file onto the ‘UPLOAD THEME’ button (or select UPLOAD THEME and it will give you a file chooser).

It will take approximately 2 minutes before your chances are live, and you can test by re-authenticating in https://profile.YOURDOMAIN/.

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