Agilicus Connector Windows Cluster

Agilicus Connector Windows Cluster

To enable High Availability in the Agilicus Connector in a Windows environment (e.g. for resilient access to a Share, to remote desktops), configure it within a Windows Failover cluster. To do this, you will install the Connector twice, with identical command-line parameters (same GUID etc) on both machines in the cluster. The Windows Failover will ensure exactly 1 is running.

The high level instructions are:

  1. configure a windows failover cluster
  2. install the Agilicus Connector on each server in the failover cluster using an identical command line. Use the ‘subsequent’ option in the Agilicus Admin dialog to indicate the 2nd one is part of a cluster.
  3. stop the service on both nodes and set it to Manual
  4. open the failover cluster manager
  5. In your cluster, select Roles-> add new roles
  6. click next, select the “Generic Service” role
  7. Select the “Agilicus Connector Connector”
  8. name the service something unique (e.g. “agilicus-share-server”)
  9. Don’t add any storage or registry settings
  10. click confirm, finish
  11. verify it comes up running
  12. configure connector as normal with access to resources you desire.

Like Share Warning

If you add a Share, ensure that both paths map to the same resource. E.g. ensure that X:\foo is the same on both machines if you will export X:\foo

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