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Service Accounts

Service Accounts

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A service account is a specific subset of permissions assigned to a non-human user. The most common use is the Agilicus Connector.

Service accounts (typically) do not sign in via an OpenID Connect web-based identity-provider. Instead they use an ‘Authentication Document’ which is a cryptographic proof of identity and scopes combined, which is periodically refreshed.

Service accounts behave the same as all other users for the sake of permission assignment.

When you install your Agilicus Connector, a service account is created for it at that time. If you delete the Connector, you can delete the service account for it. WARNING: do not delete the service account if the Connector is still in use (it will stop functioning).

Service accounts show up in the audits as any other user: all actions are audited individually.

Service account’s have a name which is similar to an email address, in the format of:


The email address and authentication document may be downloaded as below.

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If you download the authentication document, you will see something as below. This may be used in applications you write that use the Agilicus SDK.

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