AnyX Guide Topic: setup

  • Time Synchronisation

    Time Synchronisation

    Proper time synchronisation is important for encryption and access control. Access tokens have a not-before/expiry date that must be understood.

  • Sign Up

    Sign Up

    Agilicus Platform provides Zero-Trust hosting and access, simply, securely. Any user, any device, any network. Strong identity.

  • Sign-In Theming

    Sign-In Theming

    You can theme the authentication (sign-in) screen your users see. Learn how.

  • Theory of Operation: CNAME + DOMAIN

    Theory of Operation: CNAME + DOMAIN

    Theory of operation: initial setup, choose a domain name, set the CNAME wildcard.

  • Signup: Firewall Configuration

    Signup: Firewall Configuration

    Restrictive firewalls (e.g. Palo Alto SSL) may filter by SNI (hostname) in outbound direction and break Signup. See how to configure.