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Remote QuickBooks Share Access Without The VPN


Intuit’s QuickBooks operates a Desktop software with a database on a shared directory. If we look on Intuit’s site, we see many different methods and instructions for remote QuickBooks Share Access. We can “move” it. We can “share a remote server”, and we can “export/import” (which creates an exclusive lock, preventing access).

The “Share a remote server” option is typically done with a VPN. But the VPN creates many challenges:

  1. It breaks your video conferencing, requiring users to disconnect the VPN before using Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, etc.
  2. It requires accounts in your VPN or Active Directory for all users (making it complex to work with your accountant)
  3. It increases your ransomware risk, since it uses windows SMB mounting across more computers

There has to be a better way for remote quickbooks access. And, there is! If we look at “Sharing Files“, we can see a method using Zero Trust Networking. In this model we can directly make a directory on our current server, available to anyone, on any device, without a VPN. And, its live. The user can directly access this without exporting/importing, without moving the database around.

Shares: Outbound Agent Secure Exposed Access
Shares: Outbound Agent Secure Exposed Access

The steps for remote quickbooks access are simple, the setup fast. the security high but convenient.

  1. Signup for your account on Agilicus
  2. Create an Agent Connector on your File Server or NAS
  3. Create a Share
  4. Try it out!
  5. Create a Group for the people who will have access
  6. Add your Identity Providers (Azure Active Directory, Google, Apple, …)

As an end-user experience remote QuickBooks access is pretty simple. Each user, via their profile web page, will see a list of all Shares they have access to. Clicking on one will open it in the browser, or, give a set of mount instructions. Mounting the share, done once, will make it permanently available. At this stage they can install the QuickBooks Desktop and use it, as if they were in the office. No VPN.

When it comes time to do your taxes, you can simply add the Google or Apple account of your accountant into the access Group. They can now access your QuickBooks server live.

Ransomware? None. The remote QuickBooks access Share is via HTTP and WebDav, no SMB to transmit.

Forget about the complex export/import, or moving the database. Ditch the VPN. Rmote QuickBooks Access., live.

Remotely Access Your QuickBooks via Zero Trust Today

Would you like to discuss how Zero Trust Network Access can fix your VPN / video-conferencing issues, make your local shares available to anyone, or make your internal web applications available without a VPN? Feel free to select a convenient time on my calendar, email me, or… just give it a try, risk free.

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