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Seamless video conferencing

Do you find you spend the first few minutes of each team video call debugging why someone can’t connect, and why someone else has so much lag and performance issues they can’t participate?

Did you know the most common culprit is your corporate VPN? The reason has to do with routing. When you bring the VPN up, it makes your corporate network the default gateway. All Internet traffic heads to your building and then back out. This is a huge choke point.

You can try and fix this with Split Horizon VPN setups, but then you might introduce other issues. Is there another solution? Yes. Replace the VPN with Zero Trust Network Access. Expose each resource as an indivdual item, individually authorised. Remove the VPN from your lexicon.

Video Conferencing: Before Routes

As you can see below, when the VPN is up, the conversation between the top and middle worker is forced in and out of the corporate VPN, even though our video conferencing provider is Internet-based and SaaS. People are not achieving the best results. Our bottom worker cannot work at all due to no VPN or account.

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Video Conferencing: After Routes

After introducing Agilicus and Zero Trust Networking, all paths are natural, short. There is no choke point. Our disconnected bottom worker is also able to use internal systems.

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