Agilicus CIX 2021

Agilicus Named CIX Top 20 ‘Canada’s Most Innovative Companies’

I am proud of our Agilicus team to be inducted into the 2021 edition of CIX Canadian Innovation Exchange Top 20 most innovative technology companies. Recognised for our transformative Zero Trust Network Access platform, we were selected out of 492 candidates reviewed by the CIX Selection Committee. The committee is comprised of over 100+ leading global venture companies.

Winners are selected from various technology sectors, for having disruptive technologies in a major market opportunity. Agilicus stood out across several key selection factors covering the solution offering, business model, opportunity and the ability of the team to execute. Our innovative approach for offering complex high security capabilities but making it accessible to any organization through easy deployment, at an affordable price, resonated with the Selection Committee to be included in the CIX Top 20.

We are changing the way organizations provide secure access to their resources. Up till now VPNs are the most popular legacy access technology. Nobody has ever liked their VPN. It breaks video conferencing, amongst other performance issues, as well as, many recent newsworthy security breaches. You can read about the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack here. Our cyber-security SaaS platform, lets our customers enable inexpensive and more secure access to their applications, files or desktops for any employee, partner, contractor or 3rd party from any device, anywhere, without the need of a VPN or client software installed. To learn more here is Don (Founder/CEO) providing a brief video overview.

It is exciting for the team to be recognised for our efforts. We are working towards building a meaningful Canadian cyber-security company recognized around the world. This is a step towards that goal. We will be presenting our story at the CIX Top 20 2021 Summit October 27-28.