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Brand Indicator Achievement unlocked: BIMI and you

Brand-spoofing is the corporate equivalent of identity theft. No company wants consumers receiving messages purporting to be from them. No Microsoft/Google/Bill Gates/… are not giving out money, but, their logo looks so convincing in the email. If only we could ensure the logo is used correctly, have some sort of brand digital signature.

Well, the Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) group set out to do this. I’ll paste their key value propositions below rather than paraphrase, but, tldr: its to make emails with logos more trustworthy. Having just enabled this for our domain, I can say it was easy. How much it will be worth to me in the long run? Not sure, but, why not enable?

Key Value Propositions for Brands/Email Senders

  • Leverage the investment in your DMARC enforcement project to increase the value of your brand by displaying logos to your customers.
  • Automatically manage your logos ensuring the correct one is displayed

Value prop for MBP/ What’s in it for the Mailbox Providers

  • Increased DMARC adoption means less risk to your users
  • Enhances the User Experience
  • Eliminates proprietary logo management programs or shoe-horned solutions

Now this is on the esoteric end of security. Which means I’m all over it! So, why not head to the generator to build your own BIMI record. You will need your domain-name and your logo in Tiny SVG 1.2 format. It generates a simple DNS TXT record, something like:

default._bimi IN TXT "v=BIMI1; l=https://www.agilicus.com/www/logo.svg"