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In 2018 Agilicus set out to build the best Zero Trust Network Architecture. We recognized immediately that a few building blocks were needed (Encryption, Identity) that we would partner on, rather than build. For Identity, we found we needed two types of Identity: User (e.g. Authentication), and Machine (e.g. Certificate). Since this would be cornerstone technology, it was critical to us to pick the best partners, the best technology: if I’m making the best product for my customer, it can only have the best ingredients.

In the Agilicus AnyX Zero Trust Network Architecture, we rely on being able to create a new TLS certificate for each and every unique resource (endpoint). This means we need a first-class API, a reliable service with good performance and latency. We need the certificates created to be trusted by our customers’ machines (their browsers etc). And, we need first-class security and world-class transparency.

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There was no contest for us in this selection area. Let’s Encrypt has a powerful, easy-to-use API (ACME). This is well integrated with our platform of choice (Kubernetes). Internet Security Research Group (which runs Let’s Encrypt) is an exceptionally transparent organization, down to the individual certificate level. For example, you can see each certificate we have been issued to this very web page at

Let’s Encrypt has been a great enabler in the first 5 years of our company. Without this great technology, expertly and reliably run, Agilicus likely would not be here today. Running a certificate authority is hard, so I do not think we would have tackled that problem. Using the alternative certificate authorities available would have meant a lot of manual work, and likely settling for wildcard certificates due to cost and scale.

It seems like a lifetime ago, 10 years in fact, that Let’s Encrypt set out to solve one of the last big Internet challenges (making Encryption accessible to all by making the Certificate Authority reliable, trustworthy, and free). It seems like a lifetime ago that I started Agilicus, 5 years in fact. I am happier than ever with our choice of technology service partner for this core part of our system.

Internet Security Research Group is celebrating 10 years of building a better internet, and Agilicus is proud to help celebrate this milestone by sponsoring its tenth anniversary.

To learn more, visit their website.