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Keep The Share, Ditch The Ransomware With Zero Trust

In the corner sits a small server. It has a directory called ‘HR’, ‘Finance’, etc. These are shared via Windows file sharing to the appropriate teams. You know that ransomware is a risk, but, this is how you do business.

You’ve been asked how to make this share available to a contractor or external service provider, but you are reluctant to create an account in your Active Directory, given them VPN access.

Users have complained that they must start the VPN to get this shared directory.

Users have complained that the VPN breaks their video conferencing.

You’ve considered e.g. Dropbox, but then QuickBooks doesn’t run, your Excel spreadsheet gets corrupted by multiple edits.

What if I told you this was a very simple problem to solve, not requiring any rework or rethinking. A simple tactical solution that won’t break the bank. That provides a simpler end-user experience, and, no ransomware risk? Don’t believe me? Give it a try!