Agent Connector Install: Netgate SG-1100 pfSense

Agent Connector Install: Netgate SG-1100 pfSense

The Netgate SG-1100 pfSense is a small-form factor router. it is a good vantage point to run the Agilicus Connector.

Other pfSense appliances may work, they will need to be arm or x86 based, and have at least 120MiB of storage available. The Agilicus connector will consume approximately 50MiB of RAM.

The below instructions were tested on a Netgate SG-1100 with v22.01, specifically:

The pfSense installation uses the same instructions as the Linux ones (image at right) A sample command line is offered in the Agilicus admin porttal, which may be pasted into the ssh shell.

Once you run this command, you will see output as below. You are now complete.

The Agilicus Agent Connector will self-update over time, no intervention is required.

We may check the status once installed as below.

Logs (if any) are generated to /var/log/agilicus-agent.log (e.g. run ‘tail -F /var/log/agilicus-agent.log’)

Sample Install Log

The complete log of a sample install is below.

NOTE: if you use the connector as a means of getting to the local admin web interface, you may see an error such as “An HTTP_REFERER was detected other than what is defined in System > Advanced ( If not needed, this check can be disabled in System > Advanced > Admin Access.
To work around this, run this command pfSsh.php playback disablereferercheck.

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