Agilicus Connector – Container/Docker


Agilicus Connector – Container

Agilicus Connector – Container/Docker

Many desktop, server, embedded systems support container runtimes. The most widely used syntax and name recognition, Docker, gives a convenient simple command-line interface.

The Agilicus connector can natively run inside a connector. This provides a convenient method of experimenting (or deploying) with low cost, high simplicity.

For people wishing to run the connector on an Apple MAC, this is the best approach.

89bd4540 image

Create the connector as normal, select ‘Docker’ from the install type tab at the top and paste into the machine running the container runtime.

By default this command creates a volume ‘agilicus_cfg’ and uses ‘host’ networking.

Two ephemeral security identifiers (CHALLENGE_ID, CHALLENGE_CODE) are provided, these are claimed once and then discarded. You must paste the command line within 10-minutes of generating it.

Once complete, you will see the connector come online as normal.

Note: for a ‘share’, you may need to mount a volume into the container (e.g. -v /Documents:/Documents), otherwise only the internal filesystem of the container is available.