Connector Install

Raspberry Pi


Modular single board computers (such as a Raspberry Pi) makes an excellent platform to run the Agilicus Connector.

The below instructions were tested on a Raspberry Pi 4, specifically:

# cat /etc/debian_version
# cat /etc/os-release
PRETTY_NAME="Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)"
NAME="Raspbian GNU/Linux"
VERSION="10 (buster)"

During the installation, a Service Account will be created (permissions for the Connector to run as).

The Raspberry Pi installation uses the same instructions as the Linux ones (image at right) A sample command line is offered in the Agilicus admin porttal, which may be pasted into the ssh shell.

You are now complete.

Logs (if any) are generated to /var/log/agilicus-agent.log (e.g. run ‘tail -F /var/log/agilicus-agent.log’)

We may check the status once installed as below.

931b541a image

Sample Install Output

RPI $ which curl && (curl -sSL > /tmp/ || (wget -O - > /tmp/; sh /tmp/ -c hAS43XdGbJwpnmSo2AjrKH -s ua6keppv
Must run as root to do install, attempting to use sudo.
OS: <Linux>, Machine: <x86_64>, END: <le>
Fetching into /tmp/agilicus-agent
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 50616688 Jul  1 18:12 /tmp/agilicus-agent
+ /tmp/agilicus-agent client --install --challenge-id hAS43XdGbJwpnmSo2AjrKH --challenge-code ua6keppv
INFO[2023-07-01T18:12:16-04:00] Starting connector - version v0.208.3
INFO[2023-07-01T18:12:30-04:00] Check if the agilicus connector is already running as a service. If so stop it
INFO[2023-07-01T18:12:30-04:00] Create file /usr/bin/
INFO[2023-07-01T18:12:30-04:00] Create file /etc/systemd/system/agilicus-agent.service
INFO[2023-07-01T18:12:30-04:00] Will install to / -> {/usr/bin/ -rwxr-xr-x <nil>}
INFO[2023-07-01T18:12:30-04:00] Will install to /agilicus-agent.service -> {/etc/systemd/system/agilicus-agent.service -r--r--r-- 0x135ad20}
INFO[2023-07-01T18:12:30-04:00] Create a directory at /opt/agilicus/agent/tufmetadata/latest
INFO[2023-07-01T18:12:30-04:00] Create a directory at /opt/agilicus/agent/tufmetadata/stable
INFO[2023-07-01T18:12:30-04:00] Create a user and group named Agilicus to run the agilicus-agent service
INFO[2023-07-01T18:12:30-04:00] Copy executable to /opt/agilicus/agent
INFO[2023-07-01T18:12:30-04:00] Set permissions to Agilicus on /opt/agilicus/agent
INFO[2023-07-01T18:12:30-04:00] Create symlink from /usr/bin/agilicus-agent to /opt/agilicus/agent/agilicus-agent
INFO[2023-07-01T18:12:31-04:00] creating connector instance
INFO[2023-07-01T18:12:31-04:00] Join a connector cluster
INFO[2023-07-01T18:12:31-04:00] Start agilicus-agent service
INFO[2023-07-01T18:12:32-04:00] Installation Complete