Key Topics

These foundational topics explain the What, How, Why of the Agilicus AnyX technology.

Identify and Authenticate Any User (from any company).

Authorise, on a fine-grained-basis, any specific resource and action on it.

Access that resource simple, on any device, any network, without a VPN..


Secure Remote Access without a VPN

Improve cyber resilience with an alternative to legacy VPN solutions with Agilicus’ advanced, cloud-native cybersecurity platform.


Secure Remote Access to ERP Systems and Legacy Applications without a VPN

Enable secure remote access to your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and extend the life cycle of legacy applications without a VPN. It is time to modernise your approach to access and security to protect against cyberattacks.

Secure Remote Access through Client-less Zero Trust Architecture

Enable secure remote access with a client-less zero trust architecture. Simple remote connectivity for your workforce with enhanced security. Secure remote access to shared resources for internal and third party users with Agilicus AnyX. Empower your workforce and enhance security across your organisation – whether industrial environments or corporate networks.


Run JNLP Files from Anywhere Without a VPN or Network Changes

Launch your JNLP files from anywhere with Agilicus AnyX. Avoid Java compatibility issues and enable secure remote access without a VPN.


All-in-one Zero Trust Network Access Platform – Agilicus AnyX

Simple, secure remote access to critical information and operational technology systems through a VPN-less, Zero Trust Architecture. 


Seamless Inbound Remote Access via Starlink

Inbound remote access to systems behind Starlink’s impenetrable NAT. No port forward, no VPN, no public IP — just works.