Run JNLP Files from Anywhere Without a VPN or Network Changes


Run your Java Network Launch Protocol (JNLP) client applications and JNLP files from anywhere with Agilicus AnyX. Seamlessly avoid compatibility issues and enable secure remote access for your users without the need for a VPN.

Launch your applications as designed, with enhanced security, and provide full support for JNLP programs through Agilicus.


Securely Launching JNLP Applications

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Agilicus AnyX is able to launch JNLP applications as designed and provides full support for the most commonly used JNLP standard features. This is achieved under a Zero Trust framework that both enhances security and delivers a seamless end-user experience. In order to launch a JNLP client application through Agilicus, users must verify their identity and have the necessary permissions to access the application. This is implemented in the front end through a friction-free single sign-on experience. Meanwhile administrators are equipped with centralised authorisation management and can easily add or remove user access and privileges through a single administrator portal.

Ensure your employees can easily and remotely access your legacy and JNLP applications without requiring rework from developers, a VPN, or network changes.

Running Legacy Applications and Java Client Software

Many organisations still rely on legacy applications that require Java Web Start (JWS) and utilise the JNLP file standard to function. The JNLP file allows java based applications to be launched on a desktop using resources hosted from a remote server that are launched from a Java ARchive (JAR) file.  

With the end of the bundling and support from Oracle’s Java JWS framework, these applications have become restricted to certain machines making it difficult for end-users to continue to leverage the robust software. Additionally, with the end of public support for JWS, there are no longer any security updates and fixes, making these applications susceptible to cyber threats. 

JNLP client software has become integrated in various workflows across numerous industries and is still widely used despite the lack of support for JWS. Agilicus AnyX ensures your organisation can continue using JWS and JNLP based applications, making them more secure and accessible from anywhere, for any authorised user.


How Agilicus AnyX Works to Securely Launch JNLP Applications without a VPN

When a user downloads a JNLP resource, the Agilicus browser extension takes control of the file, and launches the Java Web Start Component.

All of the JAR files described in the JNLP are downloaded and cached to disk.

The Agilicus Agent starts locally in proxy mode and the Agilicus extension starts Java with the parameters described by the JNLP file.

An HTTP proxy configuration ensures Java runs its networking securely through the Agilicus Agent (java supports http proxy host and port).

The result is instant, secure, auditable access to the JNLP resources with all traffic fully encrypted by TLS.


Agilicus AnyX combined with the Agilicus JNLP web browser extension ensures any authorised user can launch a JNLP client application without a VPN while keeping the workflow unchanged. End-users will access the application like usual and verify their identity to launch the application, for example by clicking on a web page link to download the current JNLP file.

Enhanced Security for Java Client Applications


JNLP applications are being used by organisations everywhere and have become business critical. That means to keep up with the demands of the modern workforce they need to be remotely accessible and secure. Unfortunately because the JWS and JNLP standard are no longer actively maintained, these applications have a significant number of Common Vulnerability Exposures (CVE) that could be putting your organisation at risk. Additionally, traffic in a JNLP local environment can be intercepted making them susceptible to man in the middle attacks. 

With Agilicus, Java and JNLP client applications can be made remotely accessible and benefit from enhanced security through Zero Trust. Zero Trust is an “Always Verify” security framework that requires users to verify their identity and have the required permissions to gain access.

Agilicus will empower your organisation with the security controls necessary to keep sensitive customer, employee, and corporate information within these JNLP applications secure. The Agilicus AnyX extension leverages the Agilicus Agent and Connector to ensure all traffic is fully encrypted and requires your users to verify their identity through single sign-on and provide a second factor for authentication to gain access.