Secure Remote Access to ERP Systems and Legacy Applications without a VPN

Enable secure remote access to your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and extend the life cycle of legacy applications without a VPN. It is time to modernise your approach to access and security to protect against cyberattacks.


What is ERP Security

Many organisations leverage ERP systems to centralise and manage business processes and operations across domains – from finance and human resources, to supply chain management and administration. The constant threat of cyberattacks is a top of mind issue for executives and has become a significant cyber risk as threats against ERP systems continue to escalate. 

Ensuring your ERP system has a strong cyber posture is essential for the security of the sensitive data powering your organisation.

Secure Remote Access to ERP with Agilicus AnyX

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Agilicus AnyX leverages its foundation in Zero Trust to provide a more secure alternative to VPNs and perimeter-based network access. This is achieved by segmenting users and resources and enforcing least privilege access. In order to access corporate resources through Agilicus, users must verify their identity and have the necessary permissions. 

This is implemented in the front end through a friction-free single sign-on experience. Meanwhile administrators are equipped with centralised authorisation management and can easily add or remove user access and privileges through a single administrator portal. With Agilicus, organisations of all types and sizes can quickly and economically expand the reach of ERP systems, including legacy ERP applications, without compromising security.

Enhancing Security for ERP Systems While Enabling Secure Access

The pace of digital transformation and the shift towards “Work-From-Anywhere” means technology leaders are challenged with finding effective ways to enable remote access while also enhancing security for their ERP and legacy applications. These challenges are creating barriers for employees and could be holding back business initiatives and processes. Traditional tools such as the VPN or remote desktop protocol (RDP) have not only proven to be insufficient solutions, they are also often the source of cyber risk.

While VPNs have given organisations a way to enable remote access to certain corporate resources, they weren’t developed for security and haven’t kept up with the demands of the modern threat environment. Unfortunately, when a user gets access via the VPN, they are also getting access to an entire network, which is one of the ways ransomware propagates. In addition to security issues, they introduce unnecessary complexity for end users and don’t enable simple remote access to ERP systems and legacy applications.


Agilicus AnyX for Access to Legacy Java Web Start Applications

Some legacy applications are built using Java Web Start and Agilicus AnyX combined with the Agilicus JNLP web browser extension ensures any authorised user can access their legacy ERP applications from any device.

Enabling Secure Remote Access to ERP and Legacy Resources


Agilicus AnyX leverages Zero Trust to enable secure, least privileged remote access to shared corporate resources without exposing them to the public internet. Zero Trust is an “Always Verify” security framework that requires users to verify their identity and have the required permissions to gain access. 

With Agilicus, legacy applications and ERP systems can be made remotely accessible without a VPN, client, or network configuration. Agilicus empowers your organisation with the ability to enforce security controls necessary to keep sensitive customer, employee, and corporate information secure.


Identity-Based Access 

Easily integrate with native identity providers (Azure, GSuite, Okta) and extend secure access to internal and external users. Agilicus AnyX federates identity, meaning your can easily provide secure, identity-based access to employees and non-employees. No new user names, passwords or active directory licences.


Least Privilege Access

Simplified User Management and Role-Based Access Controls allow administrators to grant least privilege access to users, ensuring they only have access to the files and resources they need. You can restrict what your authorised users can access and what they can do with that access (read, write, admin).


Secure Access

Increase the cyber resilience of your ERP systems and applications with easy to implement security policies like multi-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption, and micro-segmentation of users and resources.


Enhanced Audit Logging

Reduce your cyber risk and perform detailed security analysis with per user, per application auditing. Get the visibility you need to provide perfect information on who accessed what, when, and for how long.

Provide your authorised employees and non-employees with secure, auditable access to only the resources and systems they need, keeping your ERP systems secure and extending the life cycle of legacy applications.

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Agilicus AnyX Zero Trust enables any user, on any device, secure connectivity to any resource they need—without a client or VPN. Whether that resource is a web application, a programmable logic control, or a building management system, Agilicus can secure it with multi-factor authentication while keeping the user experience simple with single sign-on.

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