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Web Application Security 101: Get the basics right

Web Application Security is complex to get perfect, but easy to get better than average. I have a thesis: if you have not tried to secure anything in the easy category, the security culture of your organisation suggests the more complex things won’t be done well either. One of the tools I use to assess this security 101 is the Mozilla Observatory. Sure, it doesn’t check everything, but if you have a 0 here, you likely are not putting in the effort anywhere.

In this presentation (and video below) I talk a little bit about the “Do what I say” security concept for a web site owner. The ‘What I say’ is encoded as a set of Headers (Content-Security-Policy, XSS-*, Cross Origin Request, CAA). I show you how to go from bad to good in a small amount of effort.

My call to action: Learn these Web Application Security 101 techniques. Apply them to a site you own or influence. Teach someone else about them. Let’s pay it forward.

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