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OpenWRT Agent Connector Install


The Agilicus Agent Connector can install on an embedded router product such as OpenWRT. The devices (usually) have either an MIPS or an Arm processor. The instructions are the same for each, but the link is different. The instructions below are for a OpenWRT Router but will be similar on other devices. Select the proper processor (ARM/MIPSBE/MIPSLE) according to your hardware.

No changes are needed to your firewall. No VPN is needed. You can administer users via their Active Directory or Apple, Google, Linkedin accounts.

The high level steps are:

  1. Enable SSH on your Router
  2. Create a Connector (Agilicus admin interface)
  3. Download the Connector binary
  4. Copy Connector binary to router via scp
  5. Register (with –noauth-local-webserver)

after this, the Agilicus Agent will be entirely automatic, and controlled via the Agilicus admin interface. You may uninstall it at any time with

agilicus-agent client --uninstall

Create Agent Connector

First we will create a Connector. This logical endpoint allows reverse inbound connectors to safely occur.

New Agent Connector

We give the connector a name. This is used for statistics and diagnostics purposes.

You will now be presented with some download instructions. If your Router is running an ARM processor (see uname -m), use the “Linux (ARM)”. If it is running a MIPS processor, you must determine if its Big or Little Endian. You might try:

hexdump -s 5 -n 1 /bin/sh

if it returns ‘1’ it is Little Endian.

Agent Connector Download

Once you have selected the type of device you are installing the connector on, you will be presented with a command as below.

First, copy the downloaded binary to your router. The example assumes you have copied it to the /tmp directory, e.g. by doing:

scp agilicus-agent-mipsle rtr:/tmp/

You will be presented with an HTTP URL which you should open in your browser. This will then cause you to register this agent, locking its permissions. This will end by giving you a code to paste in. At this time you are done, no further configuration or maintenance is necessary.

Agent Connector Download

Once we have run the steps on our router, we can check the agent is running:

# /etc/init.d/agilicus-agent status

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