Zero Trust Cybersecurity for Municipalities and Energy

Solutions for MEARIE Group Members

Secure all access points for your diverse workforce without a VPN. Seamlessly implement multi-factor authentication and privileged access management for your entire organization, with detailed audit trails.

Any user. Any device. Any application. Any network.


Multi-Factor Authentication

Enforce multi-factor authentication on any system, resource, or device, like web applications and industrial control systems—even on non-participating systems.


Precise Access Controls

Define access controls for all your users, including employees, administrators, contractors, and vendors. Manage individuals or groups for precise controls.


Privileged Access Management

Limit privileges to the minimum needed for people to do their work. Provide the right level of access for the right users at the right time to reduce risk.


Identity-Aware Firewall

Control access based on user identity using Agilicus’ Identity Aware Firewall. Permit traffic to resources only to authorized users, not IP addresses or ports.


Modern Air Gap

Air gap your resources while still allowing traffic only from authorized personnel like third-party support vendors or employees. Keep your resources invisible and protected.


Detailed Auditing

Understand who did what, and when. Perform in-depth security analyses and gather evidence to meet compliance and insurance requirements.

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Partnering For Risk Management and Insurance Compliance

Agilicus is proud to partner with The MEARIE Group for its Cyber Risk Referral Program to help members address gaps in Risk Mitigation control measures they may experience.

Preferred rates are available for MEARIE Group members.

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