Zero Trust Cybersecurity for Public Water Infrastructure

Improve Operational Efficiency Without Compromising Security

Empower your employees and vendors to do their critical work while optimizing cybersecurity in industrial control systems for public water infrastructure. Zero disruption and no change management.

The Challenges

Understanding the Cybersecurity Challenges For Public Water Systems

Securing cybersecurity in Industrial Control Systems for public water infrastructure presents unique obstacles. As technology evolves with features like cloud integration, big data, remote connections, and always-on equipment, once localized industrial control systems are now part of a far-reaching network. These increasing connectivity needs make industrial control systems susceptible to both known and sophisticated threat actors, including state-backed entities.

When you mix a corporate system outage, which affects brand image and finances, with a public water system malfunction, the stakes become significantly higher – public health.

However, conventional corporate IT solutions, like regular updates and antivirus installations, aren’t always feasible for industrial control systems. The stop-gap solutions of VPNs and shared desktop tools are becoming obsolete due to three main challenges:


The Users

Your users are as unique as your organisation. They are made up of employees, system integrators, outsourced teams, and even manufacturer support. This makes distinct identity management and robust multi-factor authentication a near-impossible task.


The Systems

Industrial systems prioritize stability over regular change. They’re built to reliably perform critical functions over a long period. However, this means systems like PLCs often lack the advanced encryption and authentication features needed to implement modern security best practices.


The Network

Because of how varied users can be and the limited security features of the systems they require, networks usually remain sealed from outside access. But with the growing demand for cloud analytics and cost-effective remote support, this “sealed” approach is now a hindrance.

The Solution

Agilicus AnyX: Leverage Zero Trust to Improve Cybersecurity for Public Water Infrastructure

Agilicus AnyX introduces a Zero Trust framework tailor-made for industrial control systems in public water utilities Zero Trust is the best current practice for Cybersecurity in Industrial Control Systems for Public Water Infrastructure. It integrates effortlessly with existing networks and offers an affordable and low-risk method to enhance both efficiency and security. Whether you already have deployed an IEC-62443 Zone and Conduit model, or are driven more by the Purdue Model, Agilicus provides a low-risk method to enhance both efficiency and security.

Cybersecurity in Industrial Control Systems for Public Water Infrastructure

Better User Experience. Better Security


Trust starts with identity. Instead of relying on shared passwords, Agilicus AnyX uses federated authentication, from existing identity providers (Microsoft Entra, Okta, Google Workplace, Microsoft Active Directory, etc). This allows users like “jane@manufacturer.domain” to securely access the system without compromising security.

Full Access Control and Visibility


With Agilicus AnyX, system access isn’t binary. You can specify user roles at granular levels, ensuring that users only access what they are supposed to. Moreover, every action is logged for meticulous audit trails. Fine-grained authorisation is necessary for cybersecurity in Industrial Control Systems for Public Water Infrastructure.

Remote Support
East-West Multi-Factor

Invisible to the World


Agilicus AnyX is designed for the modern world, offering seamless integration with existing firewalls. It uses an outbound-only connection, compatible with NAT systems and non-public IPs, ensuring any user can access any application without the need for a VPN.

Use Cases

Real-World Applications of Agilicus AnyX For Public Water Systems

Remote HMI Access
Technicians can access HMI remotely, leading to quicker repairs and lesser downtimes.
Remote PLC Support
Agilicus AnyX enables users to perform tasks as if they were on-site without risking the system’s integrity.
Remote Manufacturer Access
Get real-time data without altering the existing firewall.
SCADA Data Sync
Safely transfer data to cloud systems in their original format without architectural changes.
Shared Desktop for Remote Troubleshooting
With Agilicus AnyX, there’s no need for VPNs or concerns about system conflicts.
Outsourced Support Made Simple
No proprietary VPNs, no hassles – just web-based Single-Sign-On with multifactor authentication.

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Agilicus AnyX Zero Trust enables any user, on any device, secure connectivity to any resource they need—without a client or VPN. Whether that resource is a web application, a programmable logic control, or a building management system, Agilicus can secure it with multi-factor authentication while keeping the user experience simple with single sign-on.

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