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The Hidden Secret – Unlocking Port Forwarding on Starlink

2023-05-18 @ 17:00 18:00 UTC

Starlink has given remote areas of the planet fast, reliable internet – allowing businesses to bring cameras, routers, remote desktops, building control systems, and even industrial networks online for increased efficiency. The issues arise when trying to remotely access these systems.

Join us live on May 18, 2023 at 1:00PM ET and learn how our customers are accessing commercial systems via the Starlink network seamlessly with our clientless Zero Trust Architecture. We’ll demonstrate the current challenges of port forwarding on Starlink networks, real world use cases, and how Agilicus AnyX bypasses these limitations while providing security enhancements.

Challenges with Starlink and Port Forwarding

Starlink uses a Carrier-Grade NAT (CGNAT). CGNAT runs on IPv4, which pools IP addresses for economies of scale – removing the ability to port forward to specific systems within a user’s network. Even with IPv6, allowing inbound services remains a challenge.

While current workarounds like a reverse VPN do exist, they are complicated, expensive, and introduce security risks already present with basic firewall port-forwarding techniques. Over-privileged access, shared usernames and passwords, and a lack of proper auditing capabilities could leave your business exposed with the current methods of accessing systems behind a Starlink network. Agilicus AnyX directly connects users to only the systems they need in order to perform their job without the need for new user accounts. We make remote access to systems on a Starlink network simpler, cheaper, and more secure.

Interested in learning more about how our customers seamlessly achieve remote access to resources behind a Starlink network terminal? Check out our deeper dive into how you can leverage the different controls and security features that Agilicus AnyX has to offer for Starlink applications.

Our Speaker:


Nicolas St-Pierre, Chief Technology Officer

With over 20 years of experience in the IT and cloud security industries, Nicolas has contributed significantly to the world’s largest carriers and networks in their adoption of next-gen technologies such as 5G and cloud based services.  At Sandvine, he served as Vice President of the Office of the CTO, reporting directly to the CTO and playing a key role in the company’s Active Network Intelligence portfolio, 5G strategy, and solutions roadmap. Before joining Sandvine, Nick founded Bering Media Inc., where he served as Chief Technology Officer and Director, developing hyperlocal advertising technology with enhanced privacy features. Most recently, he acted as Field CTO in Canada for Lacework, a leader in cloud security.