Ding Dong: The VPN is dead. Split Identity and Authorisation to Simplify Security

This was a webinar I (almost due to technical difficulties) gave this week as part of MISA Ontario’s Webinar series.

In it I cover a philosophy that allows you to reduce cost, increase security, and increase user engagement and satisfaction. All 3 at once. Sounds crazy?

First I will convince you that:

In 2020, I will
Work on the device of my choice
At the location of my choice
Without $*@#$ VPN and password
As a first class citizen
regardless of my employment status

Then I will convince you that Identity Management is a single system, not distributed, and, that Authorisation is separate.

Next I will convince you that Ding Dong, the VPN is dead!

I’ll then show you how you can make each user (regardless of how you are affiliated with them: contractor, temp, citizen, …) able to directly use each application (HR, training, recreation booking, library hours, …) without a VPN, without cost, without complaint.

Don’t believe me? Change my mind! Video below, please feel free to subscribe to the YouTube channel, and then email me or add a comment with the good, the bad, the ugly.