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Diagnosing User Issues with Audits

End users will inevitably encounter issues in accessing resources they need to do their work, which need to be resolved promptly and efficiently. While some problems may require complex solutions, many common user issues can be diagnosed and fixed relatively easily thanks to Agilicus AnyX’s robust auditing capabilities. 
We’ll help you explore the importance of audits in diagnosing user issues and discuss how using them in Agilicus AnyX empowers administrators to resolve problems more efficiently.

Understanding User Issues

When users encounter problems, they often struggle to articulate the specific nature of the issue. They may simply state that something is broken without providing further details. As a result, IT teams need effective tools to identify and address the underlying causes of user problems.


Common User Issues

Here are some typical user issues that frequently arise: 

  • Incorrect URL: Users may not know where to go or may be using outdated or incorrect URLs to access applications.
  • Insufficient Permissions: Users may not have been assigned the necessary permissions to access certain features or perform specific tasks.
  • Incompatible Devices: Some users may be using devices that are not compatible with the applications they are trying to access.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: Users may forget to enroll in or set up multi-factor authentication, leading to login difficulties.
  • Geo IP Restrictions: If an organisation has set up restrictions based on geographical locations, users attempting to access applications from blocked countries may face issues.

User Audits in Agilicus AnyX: A Diagnostic Approach

  1. User Audit Table: Administrators can quickly identify if the user has the appropriate access permissions for reported issues.
  2. Multi-Factor Authentication Preferences: Audits include multi-factor authentication preferences and settings, enabling administrators to check if the user has enrolled and identify the chosen authentication method.
  3. Deadline for Multi-Factor Authentication: Administrators can see if the user has adhered to the deadline for multi-factor authentication setup.
  4. Login Sessions and Details: User audits provide detailed login session records, helping administrators verify successful logins and troubleshoot login-related issues.

Benefits of User Audits

Leveraging user audits in Agilicus AnyX offers several benefits:

  • Empowering Users: Audits empower administrators to resolve users’ issues by providing visibility into access permissions, multi-factor authentication settings, and login history.
  • Efficient Troubleshooting: With comprehensive audit information, administrators can efficiently troubleshoot user issues, pinpoint potential causes, and provide targeted solutions.Reduced
  • Dependence on Support: Audits reduce the need for constant support as you can explore and understand different parts of Agilicus AnyX to find solutions to issues independently.


User audits in Agilicus AnyX are a valuable diagnostic tool for efficiently resolving common user issues. By leveraging these capabilities, you can resolve problems faster, enhance productivity, and improve user satisfaction. These audits will help you maintain a smooth workflow by quickly diagnosing and addressing user issues.