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A ’round tuit’ to get your internal web apps available

You have an internal tool. Perhaps Grafana, Prometheus, Tableau, Nagios. You get an alert, its via Slack, Chat, etc. You click. The link goes nowhere. You curse. I should really fix this, my phone doesn’t have access to, that’s internal only. But, it’s just an internal tool, so you don’t leap into action. Half an hour later, repeat. And repeat. Or maybe it’s that you need your outsourced NOC vendor to see the performance metrics? Either way, it’s just not important enough to spend what must be many hours to fix.

What if I showed you you could get this fixed in an hour? And be highly secure. And simple to use? Your librenms, your grafana, on your phone, when you click a link in the ChatOps tool. No VPN. Any user.