AnyX Guide Topic: web-application

  • Exposing a Remote Desktop Gateway through a Launcher

    Note: if you have multiple gateways, repeat this process for each. Increment the -1 (e.g. ts-gateway-2,ts-gateway-3). This naming scheme is just an example; you can use your own to match yourorganisation’s naming scheme. Next, create a launcher called ts-launch, pointing to C:\Windows\system32\mstsc.exe, containing the ts-gateways resourcegroup. Give yourself and any others you want ‘owner’ permission…

  • Sample LibreNMS Application

    Sample LibreNMS Application

    Create an authenticating proxy to LibreNMS on a private network.

  • Sample Node Red

    Sample Node Red

    Node Red is a web-based hardware event programming system. It is ideal to run under Agilicus AnyX

  • Sample Grafana In Kubernetes

    Sample Grafana In Kubernetes

    Secure access to Grafana in Kubernetes: no ingress, any user, single sign on

  • Sample Application Demonstration

    Sample Application Demonstration

    A sample web server, single executable, instructions on how to run it as if it were e.g. your wiki, and securely expose it to named users on Internet.

  • Sample Dual-Endpoint Web Application (Dashboard + API)

    Sample Dual-Endpoint Web Application (Dashboard + API)

    Some web applications have HTML + API’s separately. See how to login as a single endpoint and use externally without change.

  • VTScada and Twilio Inbound Access

    VTScada and Twilio Inbound Access

    VTScada and Twilio Inbound Access. VTScada interfaces to Twilio for alert management, nominally requiring inbound IP. Do with private IP, no port forwarding, geo-ip block via Agilicus AnyX

  • Sample: Hosted Icecast

    Sample: Hosted Icecast

    Learn how to setup an on-site icecast server, give it public Internet access with no firewall changes.

  • Sample Hosted Application

    Sample Hosted Application

    You compile your web application, we do the rest: hosting, certificate, authentication, logging. Just drag and drop the zip from your build.

  • Sample React Application

    Sample React Application

    Create a sample React application, configure it to use OpenID Connect Authentication and Authorisation to Agilicus platform.

  • Sample Ubiquiti EdgeRouter-X EdgeMax Web Interface

    Sample Ubiquiti EdgeRouter-X EdgeMax Web Interface

    Sample Ubiquiti EdgeRouter-X EdgeMax Web Interface

  • Content Security Policy

    Content Security Policy

    Content-Security-Policy is a set of headers to protect your application from malicious content in objects, scripts, images, frames, etc.

  • Microsoft ClickOnce

    Microsoft ClickOnce

    Deploy with Microsoft ClickOnce. Secure with Agilicus Zero Trust. Single-Sign-On, no VPN. Seamless end user experience.

  • Web Application Security
  • Define Application: Proxy

    Define Application: Proxy

    An Identity-Aware Web Application operates as a proxy, bringing identity, authentication, authorisation on behalf of web applications.

  • Connect to VTScada – Adding a Web Application

    Connect to VTScada – Adding a Web Application

    Learn how to add an application to the Agilicus platform and connect to VTScada through a zero trust model

  • Applications


    Agilicus Web Applications: any web page or API, any user, no VPN, full web-application-firewall authentication