AnyX Guide Topic: desktop

  • Exposing a Remote Desktop Gateway through a Launcher

    Note: if you have multiple gateways, repeat this process for each. Increment the -1 (e.g. ts-gateway-2,ts-gateway-3). This naming scheme is just an example; you can use your own to match yourorganisation’s naming scheme. Next, create a launcher called ts-launch, pointing to C:\Windows\system32\mstsc.exe, containing the ts-gateways resourcegroup. Give yourself and any others you want ‘owner’ permission…

  • Real VNC & Raspberry Pi

    Real VNC & Raspberry Pi

    The Raspberry PI (with Raspbian) comes pre-installed with a VNC-like server. This can be configured to support standard authentication and used via Agilicus Any-X

  • VNC Desktop

    VNC Desktop

    The VNC Desktop feature allows browser-based use of remote graphical-oriented resources. This can include traditional operating systems like Windows, Linux, MacOS, but, also, includes embedded devices such as HMI.