NIST SP 800 53 Mapping To Zero Trust

NIST SP 800 53 is a comprehensive set of security controls. Zero Trust Network Architecture is a technology. In the attached spreadsheet, we map how the 800-53 controls for the ‘AC’ (access control) category is supported by a Zero Trust Network Architecture deployment.

Each category is assessed as ‘S’ (supporting player), ‘M’ (main player), and ‘-‘ (not a player).

Not all standards and implementations fit all people, and not all Zero Trust Network Architecture deployments or systems are the same, so use this as a baseline. 74 controls in the Access Control category are supported by Zero Trust as a main player (implementing most of the control), and 19 of the controls are supporting player (assisting in the implementation).

(see NIST SP 800 53 Mapping To Zero Trust in full screen)