Rockwell Studio 5000™ for Industrial Control Systems

How to Properly Secure & Grant Access

Learn how to secure and streamline your Rockwell Studio 5000™ for remote operations — without a VPN or software changes.

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Webinar Highlights 

Studio5000 excels at consolidating your customers’ systems and effectively managing each one. Strengthen the security of connections and allow authorized users to remotely access the tools to increase your ability to appropriately and swiftly support your customers’ needs.

After watching this webinar, you’ll understand how to:

Implement Strict Controls: Deploy multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, least privilege access, and detailed audit trails to lock down access.

Boost Efficiency: Run thick clients natively and pair your users directly with the resources they need, all without a risky VPN or any software changes.

Eliminate Risk and Strengthen Cybersecurity: Micro-segment access down to the device level to reduce your attack surface. Safeguard your systems by restricting access to only those that need it.

The Speaker


Nicolas St-Pierre, CTO at Agilicus

Nick leverages his 20+ years of experience in IT and cloud security to help organizations unlock the power of Zero Trust and modern cybersecurity technologies.


Protecting Industrial Automation Control Systems (IACS) from cyberthreats can be a tall task. Leverage micro-segmentation, Zero Trust, and identity to simplify IEC-62443 zones.