Streamlining User Management

Master Vendor Access with Zero Trust

Learn how to streamline remote access management for third-party vendors and contractors without a VPN or hardware install. 

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Webinar Highlights 

Allowing vendors to remotely access machines on the factory floor for troubleshooting and maintenance is essential. However, keeping those connections secure and simplifying your management strategy is equally important. 

After attending this webinar, you’ll understand how to: 

Implement Strict Controls: Deploy multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, least privilege access, and detailed audit trails to lock down access.

Reduce Administrative Overhead: Enjoy a streamlined management experience by granting access solely through a user’s email so you can focus on mission-critical work.

Enjoy Convenience and Security: Securely connect users to systems as if they’re on your local network without any hardware or network changes.

The Speakers


Nicolas St-Pierre, CTO at Agilicus

Nick leverages his 20+ years of experience in IT and cloud security to help organizations unlock the power of Zero Trust and modern cybersecurity technologies.


A traditional air gap is great at keeping malicious actors out, but does not allow for the convenience of allowing for remote users to access systems within the corporate network. Learn how a Zero Trust air gap can provide both convenience and security.