Securing Wastewater Remote Connectivity with Segmentation and Zero Trust

Listen in as these experts give insights into how you can:

  • Leverage existing identities from unlike orgs and internal teams for access
  • Achieve cyber compliance with strict security standards
  • Works seamlessly with your current infrastructure

These two have extensive experience implementing secure remote connectivity through means of dual-homed backhaul using wired and LTE, industrial remotes with routing capabilities, and dual-WAN connectivity while maintaining an effective air gap and proper segmentation of resources.  

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Securing Wastewater Remote Connectivity with Segmentation and Zero Trust

Webinar Highlights 

There are a number of ways to overcome the challenge of remote access. Tune into our live session as the experts discuss how to effectively transform your wastewater operations.

By attending this webinar, you’ll learn about:

The shortcomings of traditional access methods: The traditional air gap and VPN are no longer secure methods of safeguarding infrastructure with today’s complex and competent threat actors

Implement strict security controls: Deploy multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, least privilege access, and detailed audit trails to lock down access

Enjoy the convenience of seamless remote access: Remotely connect users to systems as if they’re on your local network without any hardware or network changes. Any user, any device, no applications required

The Speakers


Nicolas St-Pierre, CTO at Agilicus

Nick leverages his 20+ years of experience in IT and cloud security to help organizations unlock the power of Zero Trust and modern cybersecurity technologies.

a8e0c57d adam mckim headshot

Adam DiRienzo, Instrumentation & Controls Programmer at Mckim & Creed

Adam is an I&C Programmer with over a decade of experience in the design, implementation, and management of SCADA system and process instrumentation and controls projects in the industrial and municipal marketplace. He has experience in Networks, Servers, PLC programming, and HMI development programming.

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