Securing Access to Industrial Control Systems with Zero Trust

Learn how to modernize the manufacturing floor with secure, remote access to Industrial Control System resources like SCADA, HMIs, and PLCs — without a VPN or new hardware.

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Webinar Highlights 

Today’s manufacturing systems and organizations are complex and require constant vigilance against cyber attacks. As security threats continue to rise, ensuring only the right people have access to critical systems is essential.

After attending this webinar, you’ll understand how to: 

Implement Strict Controls: Deploy multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, least privilege access, and detailed audit trails to lock down access.

Seamless Access without Compromising Security: Enable remote maintenance and troubleshooting while keeping systems off the public internet.

Eliminate Risk and Strengthen Cybersecurity: Micro-segment access down to the device level to reduce your attack surface. Safeguard your systems by restricting access to only those that need it.

The Speakers


Don Bowman, CEO at Agilicus

Founder and CEO of Agilicus, Don Bowman is an expert in cloud, security, and networking with 30 years of experience in global Internet, technology, public policy.


Protecting Industrial Automation Control Systems (IACS) from cyber threats can be a tall task. Leverage micro-segmentation, Zero Trust, and identity to simplify IEC-62443 zones.