Municipal Cybersecurity Success Stories from Across Canada

Facing the complexities of cybersecurity often seems like an uphill battle for municipalities. But what if you could defy those odds?

Listen to a candid panel discussion with IT leaders from the Town of Mono, Ontario, and Northern Rockies Regional Municipality, British Columbia. You’ll hear firsthand accounts of how they safeguarded their sensitive data, met cyber insurance requirements, and secured vendor access, all with minimal IT investment.

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Webinar Highlights 

Discover how multi-factor authentication and privileged access management were game-changers in helping the Town of Mono and Northern Rockies Regional Municipality achieve cyber insurance requirements and secure vendor access. Hear firsthand accounts, gain actionable insights, and soak up key strategies that could be your blueprint for success. Don’t miss this chance to learn how to get more done with less and build a more secure future for your community.

By attending this webinar, you’ll get:

Practical advice from experienced municipal IT leaders who have been there, done that.

Actionable insights to kickstart or level up your cybersecurity strategy.

Shared challenges and experiences to inspire your cybersecurity journey.

The Speakers

Municipal Cybersecurity Speaker: Rob Blain from Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Robert Blain
Manager of Technological Services, Northern Rockies Regional Municipality (NRRM)

Robert has over 30 years of technology experience in various industries as well as time spent teaching in the BC College system. Robert currently manages a 2-person team responsible for all technology-related activities for the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality (NRRM). The NRRM is a single-tier local government to approximately 10% of the province of BC’s land mass, funded by a population of under 5,000. When Rob isn’t working, he enjoys exploring technology, travel, and the outdoors.

Municipal Cybersecurity Speaker: Zdravko Jake Jakop from the Town of Mono

Zdravko Jake Jakop, B.Sc., GISAS
GIS/IT Data Manager, Town of Mono

Jake is responsible for GIS, IT, and Asset Management for the Town of Mono, Ontario. Before working for the Town of Mono, he spent 17 years in various IT and GIS roles for companies in the US and Canada. He is enthusiastic about sharing knowledge and strongly believes in collaboration over competition. Jake’s extensive experience and commitment to excellence continue to drive the success of the Town of Mono.


For a detailed look into what municipalities can achieve with a modern approach to cybersecurity, read our case study about the Town of Mono. It explores how this Ontario town improved its cybersecurity resilience, enabled seamless remote access, and seamlessly surpassed cyber insurance requirements by transitioning to a VPN-less environment built on a Zero Trust framework.