Multi-Factor Authentication for Municipal Cyber Insurance

With the frequency and resultant damage of cyber attacks reaching new all-time highs, protecting your Municipal IT infrastructure and limiting the blast radius of an attack has never been more important. 

During this free online event, our own John Chiappetta will be joined by cyber security experts Jason Marilla and Tristan Kim of Joseon Group. We’ll be discussing how Multi-Factor Authentication can help you renew your cyber insurance, keep premiums low, and bolster your defences to keep hackers out.

Multi-Factor Authentication For Cyber Insurance

Here’s a look at what we’ll be discussing:

  • How hackers are breaching municipal IT systems and how to reduce risk exposure
  • Protecting critical infrastructure, legacy systems, and operational technology
  • How the right cyber security solutions can help you reduce costs without compromising on employee experience
  • How to add Zero Trust and Multi-Factor Authentication to legacy applications and SCADA in a single afternoon

Event Speakers


John Chiappetta


Jason Marilla
Joseon Group


Tristan Kim
Joseon Group

With critical infrastructure, legacy systems, and operational technology under constant attack, a proactive approach to security can not only help contain the blast radius, but adding Multi-Factor Authentication to your arsenal is an essential prevention tool.