Eliminating the Business Risk of Shared Credentials


You have a shared credential problem hiding in plain sight. Most organisations do and it is a significant business risk. 

It comes from embedded devices, from external websites, from external users or service providers, from your own team, from your MSP.

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Eliminating the Business Risk of Shared Credentials

More Passwords is Not the Answer

There is an account for everything and that means people are managing more access credentials, usernames, and passwords than ever before. That also means that weak, stolen, or poorly secured credentials could very well be making their way into your organisation leaving your business open to compromise.

How can organisations eliminate shared credentials and protect their businesses without burdening employees or compromising on security?  


How Shared Credentials Leave You Open to Attack

Whether your employees are reusing passwords, storing them improperly, or simply using weak access details, your organisation could be open to a number of cyber attacks.

As the personal and corporate lives of your workforce continue to cross over, the risk of falling victim to these types of cyber attacks only increases. That is making for a very large attack surface to manage and protect against. Malicious actors can more easily take advantage of internal and external avenues to gain access to your organisation.

Types of Attacks

  • » Credential Stuffing Attacks/ Brute Force
  • » Phishing
  • » Password Recovery Attacks
  • » Social Engineering
  • » Malicious ex-employee
  • » Lateral traversal through MSP

Here’s a Look at What We’ll be Discussing:

• The pervasiveness of shared credentials 

• The attack surface this creates in and outside of your organisation,

• What this means for your business, employees, and customers;

• How to get past the password to keep your business and employees secure.

• How to enforce Multi-Factor Authentication on any resource


Eliminating the business risks that shared credentials are imposing on your business is easier than you think. With Agilicus you can leverage existing user identities, in and out of your organisation, to deliver secure access to employees. Join us and learn how we federate identity so that you can easily integrate with your native identity and external suppliers identity  and enable single sign-on to easily extend access.

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Don Bowman
Founder and CEO