Enable Secure Remote Access for Any Workforce with Zero Trust

Keep your users securely connected to their work. Agilicus introduces an easy-to-implement, low-cost cybersecurity platform that delivers identity-based, secure remote access and fine-grained authorization controls.

The Difficulty of Providing Secure Remote Access with Legacy Solutions

Enabling secure access to an application, remote device, or a network using legacy solutions is becoming increasingly difficult. Those legacy solutions, such as VPNs, burden employees and leave organizations contending with numerous vulnerabilities and attack vectors while trying to maintain a strong security posture. 

With cybercrime up over 600% as a result of the pandemic, many organizations are finding themselves in an uphill battle.


In Q1 2021, there was a nearly 2000% increase in the number of attacks on VPNs.


Compromised credentials accounted for 20% of all cyber breaches in 2021.


Ransomware attacks accounted for 23% of cyber attacks in 2021.

But ensuring employees still have access to their work while keeping threats out doesn’t have to be a trade-off anymore.

Introduce Identity to Enable Secure Remote Access

Legacy perimeter and trust-based approaches to network access (via VPN) have proven to be a leading contributor to ransomware attacks and data breaches. Identity-based access solutions can protect against those attack vectors while enabling secure remote access for any user, from any device. 

Shift from a legacy network architecture to Agilicus’ cloud native cybersecurity platform and take control of who has access to your network. Quickly and easily implement fine-grained Authorization controls and pair users to the resources they need.


How Identity-Based Access Can Secure Your Organization

Agilicus removes implied trust from the network and implements a Zero Trust Network Architecture where every connection must validate it’s identity for access. By pairing each individual user to the resource they need, organizations can effectively prevent unauthorized traffic.


Federated Identity 

Meet the needs of any workforce whether they are on site or remote. Use Federated Identity to easily integrate with preferred identity providers and enable Single Sign-On or Social Login.


Centralized Authorization Management 

An automated access request workflow means no more micromanaging access and making modifications to individual applications. Organizations are in control of users and the resources they can access.


Fine-Grained Auditing

Improve Risk and Security Analysis with per user, per application auditing capability. Get visibility with accurate information on who accessed what, when, and for how long.


Simplified User Management 

Any user can be added or removed from any application or resource instantly making it easier for organizations to manage any type of workforce.


Enhanced Security Policies

Whether it’s to access remote files or a remote desktop hosting a Legacy Application or SCADA System, easily enable Multi-Factor Authentication for every user, no matter the device.


Empower Employees

Increase productivity and collaboration across an organization with greater application access and utility to employees, non-employees, outside workers, and other external users.

Adopting a modern, cloud native platform with inbuilt cybersecurity that delivers identity and privileged based access can help ensure your organization stays safe from cyber threats while digitally enabling employees on and off premise.

Quickly and affordably embrace the demands of modern workforces and securely adapt to the future of work.

Agilicus is Cloud Native and Designed for Companies of All Sizes

Via the infographic see how Agilicus is designed to connect your employees to the resources they need through a Zero Trust Security Framework.

Remote Access Enabled by Agilicus through Zero Trust Network Architecture.

Contact Us and Enable Secure Remote Access Across Your Organization

Agilicus enables modern secure access with a Zero Trust security framework. Effortlessly keep users connected to their work by imposing identity-based access controls and privileges to effectively secure network resources and applications. 

Contact us and learn how Agilicus can help you eliminate attack vectors, increase accessibility, and deliver secure remote access to your workforce.

Agilicus Security Features and Benefits

  • Eliminate lateral traversal within a network
  • Contain the blast radius of any breach or hack
  • User identity, access control, and privilege management
  • Enforce multi-factor authentication to internal and external users
  • Audit both inbound and outbound connections and actions
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Seamlessly federate user identity with social login
  • No ongoing firewall maintenance or patch management