Agilicus AnyX versus TeamViewer

A Comparison

TeamViewerยฎ Remote allows you to “Gain secure access to devices from anywhere”. Compare this with Agilicus AnyX and our Zero Trust Remote Desktop, VNC access.

Agilicus AnyX versus TeamViewer

Agilicus AnyX versus TeamViewer

Agilicus AnyX is a complete Zero Trust Network Access platform, comprising authentication, authorisation, audit, access. One of AnyX’ core features is the ability to remotely use a remote graphical environment, via both Remote Desktop Protocol, and VNC. These are available via a browser, or via a native client, and incorporate Agilicus’ trademark simple, seamless, single-sign-on via your existing identity providers, for your staff, your partners, with optional multi-factor authentication.

TeamViewer Germany GmbH’ product, TeamViewerยฎ, is a means of providing remote desktop access for support purposes. Since it overlaps with the specific remote graphical environment feature in Agilicus AnyX, it is often the niche legacy platfom being compared by customers seeking to upgrade their security to Zero Trust, a comparison accelerated by the attack on the Oldsmar water treatment facility via TeamViewer. Below are some of the key comparators.

Agilicus AnyX — simple, secure Zero Trust Network Access

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Support native platform clients such as mstsc

Browser-only option

Single-sign-on existing identity provider

Unlimited concurrent sessions

Unlimited managed devices

TLS, HTTPS inspectable by Next Gen Firewall

Read-only role

VNC support for embedded devices, HMI

Grant 3rd-party access

GeoIP access restrictions

Microsoft Entra Single-Sign-On

Google workspace Single-Sign-On

Okta Single-Sign-On

Audit to SIEM via WebHook

The Oldsmar water treatment attack proved a wake-up call to the dangers of a ‘shadow-IT’ remote backdoor with an alternate user authentication system, one facilitating shared passwords. Consider updating to Agilicus AnyX Zero Trust today,.

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Agilicus AnyX Zero Trust enables any user, on any device, secure connectivity to any resource they needโ€”without a client or VPN. Whether that resource is a web application, a programmable logic control, or a building management system, Agilicus can secure it with multi-factor authentication while keeping the user experience simple with single sign-on.

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