Enable Let’s Encrypt on Older Windows

Enable Let’s Encrypt on Older Windows

Categories: AnyX – Initial Setup, Connector Installation

Agilicus AnyX requires modern cryptography with a strong chain of trust. This is achieved using Let’s Encrypt.

Some older Microsoft Windows systems are not updated to have the proper cryptographic trust information installed. You should upgrade your Windows installation, but, if this is not possible, you can manually install the certificates.

First, download the .der file from for each of ‘X1 & X2‘.

For the X1 der and X2 der, open these on your desktop. You will be prompted to open the certificate manager. From here, Install, and pick the “Trusted Root Certification Authorities”.

Now we must import these to the Machine trust as well (above we did your user). To do so, open ‘mmc’

Now press ‘Control-M’.

Select the X1 (and repeat for X2) certificate from earlier.

At this stage you should be able to install the Agilicus Connector.