2022-07-19 @ 17:00 18:00 UTC+0

Legacy technology solutions like the VPN and other remote access tools are no longer the optimal solution for connecting to operational technology and critical systems like SCADA. Join us on July 19, 2022 at 1:00PM ET and learn how to enable secure connectivity for municipal SCADA systems without a VPN through a Zero Trust Network Access framework.

In this exclusive webinar for Municipalities, we’ll demonstrate how access to SCADA and other operational technology resources in a secure network can be gained without ever exposing them to the public internet.

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Traditional access tools such as the VPN or TeamViewer are out of date and can no longer keep up with modern requirements for remote access to Municipal SCADA systems and operational resources. These traditional tools often lead to a compromise of convenience over security.


VPNs are slow, expensive, and introduce cyber risks like lateral network traversal. They have been the source of high profile cyber breaches like the Colonial Pipeline attack


Meanwhile remote access tools like TeamViewer perpetuate the risk of weak and shared credentials. Malicious actors were able to compromise a water treatment facility in Florida through a dormant TeamViewer account and attempted to poison the water supply.

Ensuring a high standard of security for these outdated remote access tools often places an unnecessary burden on technicians, engineers, and third parties or partners.

It’s leaving municipalities to struggle with conflicting demands, trying to balance convenience and accessibility with security. How can municipal organisations enable secure remote access and connectivity for their SCADA systems and operational technology systems quickly and securely without a VPN?

Join us live on July 19, at 1:00PM ET and learn how.

What You’ll Learn

  1. How to enable remote access to SCADA for maintenance, operation, and troubleshooting by authorised employees and third parties
  2. How to reduce the time needed, cost and complexity of connecting to critical systems like the SCADA through a Zero Trust Network Architecture.
  3. How to keep these critical systems off of the public internet while extending secure access without a VPN.

Join us and learn how municipalities are using Agilicus to secure the SCADA system at their water treatment facilities while enabling remote access for authorised technicians and non-employees.

Learn how a municipality is using Agilicus AnyX to enable simple, secure access to the SCADA system at a water treatment facility without a VPN.

Reserve your spot and join us live on July 19, 2022 at 1:00PM ET to learn how municipalities can enable secure access to SCADA systems without a VPN and ensure only authorised employees, third parties, and vendors can connect to the resource.